By Mrs. BDenied

Double WOW.

It has been a while, but was pleasantly surprised  with a spontaneous get together with my Fuck Buddy  this week. He texted Sunday night…”Tuesday, 6:45 at such & such airport.”  These last minute texts have been working out better than if he tries to plan a week ahead. Plus it makes it more exciting!  Yes! I’l be there!  Means getting up before the dawn, gulp down some coffee, shower, makeup, dress on, the mandatory no panties. and go!  

But what to do about husband for those few hours?  Turned out, he took advantage of being kicked out of his house for a few hours, and made arrangements to see his gal pal!    He got to be cuckolded AND see his gal pal! Talk about a win-win situation! She does not give him pussy either.  I’ll let him tell you about her on his own.! So no pussy form me or from her while I got fucked…

When I got to the airport, my guy got into the paassenger seat…I could see his hard on through his jeans.  Maybe this little dress got him all excited.


 Driving along the highway, I reached over and cupped his hardness. He grabbed a towel my husband keeps in the back seat  and placed it over his lap, unndid his jeans and  pulled out his big cock then said, ” look at this. You like this big cock, don’t you?”  I reached over and wrapped my hand around his hot hard cock for a moment then had to keep my eyes on the road!  He said he had a lot of precum…so I reached over and WOW. The tip of his cock was covered with precum and hubby’s towel was soaking up the excess of the leakage. I had my  finger swirl all that precum around the tip.  He was ready!  During the drive, I then reached under the covering & ran my hand up & down his shaft…he moaned but said STOP ! He did not want to shoot his load until we got to my place. 

We got to my place, I shut & locked the door and was swirled around and pushed against the door. He raised my dress up, took down his pants , spread my legs and shoved that big cock up my very excited wet pussy.  I said “oooh! That feels so good…you fucking me against HIS door…keep going!”  He thrust and thrust as I tried holding onto the door jam while being ravaged. But he had to stop or my tight hot wet pussy would make him cum too soon. 

He stopped & took off his clothes and with his cocky confidence threw them over my husband’s chair at the dining table like he owns the place.   I also slowy stepped out of my all too flimsy dress..


He knew what he wanted & was going to take it. He headed off to the bedroom and started the shower….we stepped in the shower…I faced him,  knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. But he was so ready, he stood me up, turned me around, spread my legs. I was valiantly grasping at a little shelf so not to fall. I was bent over. His hands spread my legs. I could feel that huge cock between my legs as he reached around and rubbed my clit, with one hand and then  he grabbed my hips and I felt his fingers penetrate my ass as his big cock entered my hot wet pussy.. Oh my God that felt good. A big cock inside me now thrusting with passionate fury as I now fingered myself…hot water pouring down on us.  He said he was not going to last…I said, cum, now!  He thrust and filled my pussy with his cum as I shuttered with pleasure.  As he was pulling out, another stream of cum shot out.  Ah…we stood under the warm water for a moment or two, then we took soap and washed up. I enjoyed watching the way he was handling his cock as he wahed it.  

When drying off, he said he was now wide awake. So instead of going to sleep like he usually does for an hour or so, he asked if it would hurt my feelings if we go now, make it a “hit and run”.  No, not at all.   The quick enounters are exciting. Helps me fulfill the call girl fantasy!  Plus  I knew he had some business to attend to, so we got dressed, hugged, and he took one of my  husband’s special soda waters for the road,  and we headed off to get a car for hiim.  When we got to  where he was to pick up a  car he thanked me for meeting him , waved goodbye & I drove home .

In the evening, my cuckolded husband & I laughed & talked about our day full of sex with others…he had his pleasure… sort of  and I had mine…but he still has to wait to fuck me. 

Fast and Furious….Sex….Not Cars!!!

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