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Lara M

Lara M

My erotic femdom hypnosis audios will make you giddy with submissive thoughts as you think of how you can be a better man to the women in your life.  Lie back, listen, and change the way you think.  Women are the glue in your life, treat them with respect, love, and adoration.  My files will help you with that.

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Betty Baboom

Betty BaBoom is here to help you change your fantasies into reality.  As a real femdom wife, and an in person femdom trainer for the past 12 years, she has joined our team to offer consulting to help you achieve the lifestyle.  She can help you introduce this to your partner, find a partner, or just generally help you with anything you need from one on one live telephone training.

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Robot Personal Training

Joanna the robot is really Lara utilizing robot audio technology to produce her scripts in a robot voice.  The reason she does this is that she can produce a 30 minute audio script into an audio file in 20 seconds, therefore allowing her to produce a lot more hypnosis files month not following real time recording.  So, the robot training is still Lara reviewing your questionnaire and writing her flair into your personal script and using Alexa Polly technology to bring you your own personal hypnosis file at a third of the price of her personal recordings.  A great option for someone needing personalized service on a budget.

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