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Lara Hypnosis Training

My purpose when Lisa first introduced me to this site, was to take over the world.  I had already been doing femdom hypnosis, but did not have the vehicle to reach as many people as I wanted on my little niche website that has long since been shut down.  I met with the owners of femdomtraining.ca and explained my vision and they were both very happy to hire me on full-time as the main hypnosis trainer on the site.  I have since produced the majority of all the hypnosis files on the site.  I have also been the main custom hypnosis trainer on the site for the past 4 years.  But alas, I have met my “someone” and I am moving to a small little beach house on the southern coast of Italy to live out my dream femdom relationship.  I will be staying on as support and main person for administration and help for the site, but I am not going to be setting up a studio for my recordings.  I believe I have accomplished everything I ever wanted from my tenure here, and have established myself as one of the most powerful enigmatic hypno-dommes in the industry.  If I do say so myself.  However, you can read the testimonials on my files so you can can unbiased opinions.  I have also just made it a mission to find, and train SEVERAL new hypno-dommes that we will be adding to the site on a regular basis.

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Although I am the site facilitator, recruiter, marketer, and hypno voice behind over 250 files on this site, I am not SUPPORT for the site!  If you friend me and ask me a support question, I will unfriend you.  Here is where you talk to support.

However, if you just want to thank me, throw roses at me, and want to go gold, or hire one of my girls to personally train you, then by all means bitches, lets get it on!

Olivia Hypnosis Training

Hi boys and girls.   I am sooooooo happy to be here and finally have my chance to do something that I knew as for me, the very first day I met Lara in the Spring of 2018.  I am a physical personal trainer, and I work with some “A” list celebrities here in “tinseltown”.  You might find me working out at Venice Beach some days, but please do not approach me if I am working out.  But other than that, if you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hello and how you know me.  It will tickle my fancy.  I have some big shoes to fill by becoming the new hypno-domme for the site, but Lara has trained me well.   I have a passion for training people anyways, so this was a perfect evolution of my life, and where I want it to go.  I will be posting my first hypnosis file shortly.    My passions are obviously physical fitness, food, and travel.  I love sushi, seafood of any kind, and being wined and dined.  Don’t get your hopes up boys, the best you are going to get on multiple dates with me, is to worship my ass for a few hours, if I like you.   I like to be in charge.  Of myself, and you. Get used to it.  I probably could make your life 10 times better by you plugging into what I have to say, and taking me up on my personal training.  So don’t be afraid to jump right in, and get to know me better.  You can start by reading my full story from the button below.  Looking forward to making you my good “little boy”.

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Listen boys, and girls.  I will accept your friend request, as long as you are courteous and respectful.  Please do not spam my inbox.  Maybe we can chat sometime when I am not busy making personal files.  Or you can friend me and ask me personally about my personal training.  Either way I am ok, and you are ok if you behave yourself.

Rosanna Hypnosis Training

Hi, my name is Rosanna.  I have been an active member of the site since March, 2018.  My interest evolved so much to the point that I now consider myself a dominant woman.  I have converted my man to a submissive male through the teachings of this site.  I am a professional dancer/stripper and work in a large City that I will leave unmentioned to protect myself while I am at work.  My profession does lean to attracting some creeps.  I certainly would not expect you to be a creep as a submissive, nonetheless, I would prefer to keep my location a secret.

You might have even crossed paths with me in the city in which perform.  My interest in femdom peaked when I met Lara when I touring with my stripping in Vancouver, BC.  Lara is well connected in the adult industry, and frequents stripper bars out of her interest in beautiful women.  Yes, Lara and I have played together.  I might as well mention that I am bisexual, and find Lara to be one of the sexiest women I have ever met.  Yet she keeps such a low profile and doesn’t post much pictures of herself.  She is a very private person, and has influenced me to be the same way based on some of the stories she has told me AFTER she became the primary hypnotist on femdomtraining.ca.

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If you don’t abuse your direct ability to instant message me, I won’t ban you, and we can stay friends.  :)  If you ask me questions for general support enquiries, or spam message me, you will be deleted and your ip banned from the site.  Lets play together nice, ok?

Lisa Hypnosis Training

I was the first person to reach out to the owners of femdomtraining.ca to make my services available as a hypnodomme.  They graciously gave me my shot, and I produced the first 10-20 files for the site.  My personal life started to get in the way, so I stepped aside, and connected the site owners to a very dear friend of mine, Lara.  I am still a member of the site, and I help out with some administrative duties, and make an occasional blog post.  So for you fans that have been here since the beginning, I never left.  I am also the voice in the beginning of every hypnosis file saying that the following recording was made exclusively for members of femdomtraining.ca…..  I will never leave this site.  It is a lifestyle for me, that I will never go back from.

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Betty Baboom

I have been a member of the site since early 2016.  In the mid part of 2019 I reached out to the owners of the site and asked if there was anything I could do to help.  They had some ideas.  First, I was answering calls and talking to patrons of the site.  I must say, I got a little weirded out.  I didn’t want to be a whack off to person on the phone, so I quickly ditched this.  But I did find something I do like.  I have created a program with some sex toys that are available where I can control the remote to from wherever I am, and to wherever you are.  So if you want to stuff you tight little boy pussy with a vibrator, and have me give you a “jingle” from time to time, then boys, lets have some fun.

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If you are a man or a woman that loves pegging.  I am the friend for you.  Anal play is my favorite.  I have so much to give you.  Deep, long and hard.  Or I will help you train your bitch man, into taking it.  You can friend me, but unless you are interested in getting fucked, or to do the fucking of your man to him, then best not pester me too much on instant chat.  :)   At least I can follow your posts easier as a friend.

Robot Hypnosis Training

Joanna the robot is really Lara, Olivia, or Betty utilizing robot audio technology to produce your scripts in a robot voice.  The reason this is done this way is so that they can produce a 30 minute audio script into an audio file in 20 seconds, therefore allowing them to produce a lot more hypnosis files month not following real time recording.  So, the robot training is still a real human reviewing your questionnaire and writing her flair into your personal script and using new technology to bring you your own personal hypnosis file at a third of the price of the hypno-domme’s personal recordings.  A great option for someone needing personalized service on a budget.

Robot Hypnosis

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