Do you need someone to talk too about you femdom fetishes?

Introducing BettyBaBoom our newest team member……

BettyBaBoom is a lifestyle domme that lives this lifestyle with her husband of 12 years.  She joined as a member and reached out to Lara to become part of her team.  She loves spreading the word about this lifestyle and helping others achieve it.  She has introduced Femdom/FLR to her friends, husbands friends and has participated in live training teaching others how to live this lifestyle.

She is excited to take phone calls from our members to assist them in their training too.

Phone BettyBaBoom if:

  • if you want some advice on what to do to achieve this lifestyle
  • if you want to be told live to do something nasty
  • if you want to have virtual phone sex
  • if you want to learn how to find a dominant woman
  • if you are lonely and just want some dominant company
  • if you want some order in your life with a strict regimen

There is no limitation to WHY you would call BettyBaBoom.  She is here to help you with anything you desire.  She is a pro and helping men learn how to introduce this lifestyle to their wives without turning them off.  She is a compassionate, loving dominant woman that has all the answers you are looking for.   She is available to speak in 15 minute increments for as long as you like, and on a regular scheduled basis of weekly or monthly calls.

For a limited time we are offering prepaid minute plans that are much better than per minute billing…..

This could change at anytime though.  Especially during the beta period launch, where her calendar will fill up quickly with scheduled calls.  This is the best time to participate in live one on one personal training or phone calls.  There will never be a lower price, and in most cases, $3.99-5.99/minute is what other similar services will charge.  On this page, for a limited time you have the following prepaid choices.

PrePaid Minute Plans

How It Works:

Each prepaid plan over 15 minutes can be divided into multiple sessions ranging in 15 minute increments and up depending on your package.  So if you purchase the 5 hour/300 minute plan, you could potentially have 20 weekly sessions of 15 minutes each, or any combination in between.  Even 5 hours all at once.  The minimum call is 15 minutes.

Once your purchase is completed, you will be redirected to a questionnaire that will gather details on what you are looking to get out of the call.  This information is forwarded immediately to BettyBaBoom where she will reach out to you to schedule your minutes ahead of time.

Due to the nature of these STEEP DISCOUNTS, and the fact that Betty is putting you on her calendar for scheduled appointments which blocks out other users for the same time frame, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ON THESE ORDERS AFTER THE FIRST CALL IS MADE.  If you wish to have a refund BEFORE Betty invests her time reading your questionnaire and taking the time to schedule your calls, you may do so.  (this is usually a window of 2 hours after purchase) After this, there are no refunds and no exceptions.

If you have bought a large prepaid minute plan, and you have given 72 hours notice of a reschedule of your appointed time in one of your sessions, you may at Betty’s discretion change your time.  This is subject to availability to her calendar, and is not required on her part to accommodate the rescheduling.  Having said that, Betty is fair, and if her calendar permits the change, she will accommodate.  If she cannot, then you are required to be available at the scheduled time or forfeit that sessions minutes.  Her time is valuable, and after all if you are training to be a submissive male, you should be available at your agreed scheduled times.  We know emergencies come up, therefore, as mentioned, Betty will be as accommodating as she can, but it is your responsibility to be available for your calls.

Rules of Conduct

If Betty gives you her personal number to call, you are not to call this number anytime other than your scheduled call time.  If you do so, the call will not be answered, and the calling number will be docked 1 15 minute session from their prepaid minutes plan.  She is not giving you her number so that you can call her anytime you wish.  She is putting you into her calendar FOR YOU, so be respectful of her time.

You are free to discuss anything you want with Betty, but you must be polite, respectful, and obedient.  Failure to do these things will result in termination of that session without refund.  Be a good boy.  Betty wants to talk to you, but she will not take shit from anyone, so be a proper submissive and follow this protocol.

Have fun!

Last, but not least, enjoy your time with Betty.  She will provide you what you need from this experience, and your life can be a lot better.  Choose to use your time wisely, and you will have a blast.  You will learn many things, and you might even get your rocks off as she instructs you to obey her commands on the phone.  If you have any questions before purchasing any of these plans, feel free to drop her an email at