Congratulations…. Meet Olivia.  Lara is passing the torch.

Hi, my name is Olivia.  I have been Lara’s friend over the past 2 years, and she has trained me in the art of hypnosis.  Lara has been planning a trip to the Mediterranean for quite some time, and she is passing her torch to me to handle all you femdom starved men, women, and sissies in her absence.  So I thought I would do a photo shoot for the owners of to allow myself to formally introduce myself to you.

Olivia R Photo Shoot

olivia 3613255 scaled

“Truth be told I was always interested in what Lara was doing here, because I have lived the lifestyle for awhile.  However, if I am to be honest with you, I am brand new to the hypnosis process.”

Who is Olivia?

I am a personal trainer in the physical fitness arena.  I have many “A” list clients in the area, but out of respect for them, I won’t name names.  Originally I was born in Australia, and became a well known fitness guru for the wealthy there, and moved to the United States 4 years ago.  I move here to pursue a career in acting and modelling.   Well, much to my dismay so did 30,000 other beautiful women looking to leverage their “assets” so I just started doing what I do best.  Physical training people to the the best version of themselves.

Then a few years ago, I was on a trip to Canada visiting friends, when I was introduced to Lara.   Lara and I were kindred spirits right out of the gate.  We shared many things in common besides the obvious of being attractive, smart, and ambitious.  We have been very good friends since.

“So imagine my surprise when Lara told me that she has planned on moving to a beach house in Italy with her new fiancee.”

Lara had helped me make some mental changes to my personal training through hypnosis and I reached levels I never knew I could before.  Hypnosis was obviously something I heard about, but never really thought would be as effective as it is.  So she got me to enroll as a member at  It is here where Lara taught me about my true self.  Listen, I am not going to beat around the bush ladies and gentlemen.  It is quite obvious to me, and other people that I have a “look” that men salivate for, and women hate me for.  Hell, I make a living out of helping women get their bodies up to snuff like mine on a daily basis.

I get more looks walking down Melrose, than most people, and I don’t dress like I do in the pictures above.  In fact, I am a very private person, and when I was seeking an acting, modelling career here, it wasn’t because I wanted to be famous.  It was simply because I love the profession.

But after Lara helped me make such a transformation in the gains I have made in the last 2 years as a trainer, and in the physical level of my fitness, I was SOLD on the idea of hypnosis in an effort to help my “A” list clients achieve better results.  So, getting back to my story, I started listening to all of Lara’s women dominance training files.  Uh-Oh.  It pushed me over the edge.  Now I not only wanted to be the alpha female among my peers, I turned into a demanding sexy dominant woman who wanted men to grovel at my feet.  I mean, why not?  I have worked hard in my life to have what I have, and if I can’t be an actress, (mainly because, after 100+ auditions, I really kind of gave up), then I might as well continue to do what I do.  Train people.

Train women to be more bad ass in their lives.

Train men to become servants for the women in their lives.

“Then a giant light bulb in my head went off…. It was like I had found my true calling.  My true destiny.”

After all, I have been drilling my boyfriend’s ass with a strap on back before I even knew Lara.  It is just something I like to do.  I mean fuck, really, we are living in 2020 now people.  This should be going on in every house in America.  If it isn’t, them maybe I can help.   This isn’t a fad.  This isn’t something that is very rare.  I know more people living this lifestyle, than those that don’t.  I even see lots of secret little femdom references slipped into a lot of mainstream movies.  Thats because the producers and actors that have money in this crazy city, love to get down with some good old ass smothering, or ball busting.  You probably have no problem believing the countless offers at auditions I received.  However, I was not going to whore my body out to make it in Hollywood.  I simply do not need it that bad.  I do well in my physical training business.  But when Lara showed me this site….

This is so up my personality, I pushed Lara to teach me how to do is.

There is one thing about me.  No matter what I do, I don’t like to fail.  So when Lara told me I could be a natural, I started to train myself.  Train myself vocally, instead of just physically.  I went out and bought all the professional recording equipment, software, microphones, to be a true pro in this industry.  Lara worked with me personally for a month in my apartment here in L.A.   And even though, I know who I am, and how everything I have done has led me to this very day, I still can’t help not wanting to fail you.  I want to give you the same great service that Lara did, and although she is definitely a one of kind type of gal (like popping a wheelie as she was doubling me on her crotch rocket, SHIT, that was fucked up), I want to believe that I can do good work like her too.

So here.  Listen to my voice and you be the judge.  Do you think I can help you be a good boy?

While you are listening, I want you to focus intently on my ass.  Are you ready to worship my ass boy?  Are you ready to attract someone like me into your life?

olivia 2496396 scaled

Put some headphones on, click play, and drift off to sleep my good little slut puppy.

Good, that’s what I thought.  So I am going to for a short time offer you the same offer she did.  I will make you a personal training file based on a questionnaire you fill out, that will absolutely train you as a perfect man bitch for the women in your life.   Your wife, mistress, daughter, fuck, I don’t care, the old lady across the hall from you.  You are supposed to be submissive to ALL women.  Don’t you get it?  Its what alpha women want.  You do want an alpha woman don’t you?  Of course you do.  They are the ones that push you to be better.  Push you to new heights.  You don’t think Michelle Obama took a 9 inch strap on and bent Barack over and fucked his black ass until he could not take it anymore?  Well, maybe I am guessing, but after I have learned what I have learned, wherever there is strong woman behind a powerful man, there usually is a suitcase of strap ons, whips, chains, and floggers somewhere near by.  Certainly, the Clintons anyways!

Here is why you want custom training with me:

  • I have already mastered the art of personal training in a physical sense.

  •  My personality will not let me be anything less than an expert femdom hypnosis trainer.

  • I am going to let you be my guinea pigs

  • I will honour the same price that Lara once offered, but has decided is no longer interested at that price.  If Lara comes back, be prepared to pay $997.00 for custom hypnosis.  She has earned her right at the top of the femdommes in the industry, so this is what you will have to pay the next time she comes around.

  • This price will be for a very limited time.  I will sell out faster in my training spots than any predecessor on this site.  I always aim to win, be the best, and you can bet, that I will be the most expensive. (after I have proof that I can do what Lara trained me to do, which won’t take long.

This is the ultimate PERSONAL ONE ON ONE femdom training experience.  There is nothing like it on the market out there.

 Regularly $597.00 ONE TIME PAYMENT

50 Percent OFF

New Trainer Special  $297.00

Regular Price $597.00 and soon it will be going to this.  If you take us up on this offer now, you will have your personal training files at a reduced rate, and delivered in the next 14 days.

Listen, I know that this might seem like a lot of money, but its a bargain for the results, fun, and new relationship dynamics you will achieve by being trained by me.   Be a good submissive and honor me by showing me that you appreciate my offering of personal time for your case.  If I care enough to carve out a few hours of my time making these files for you, you should show me how obedient you can be by ordering this right now.  This is already a pleasing act of servitude that will go noticed.  Who knows?  Maybe you will see me at Chucks Coffee Shop down by the beach one day.   

Unfortunately, I will not offer a 100% money back guarantee, and 100% of the proceeds of this transaction go to me directly. I cannot get back my time invested in your case, and since we cannot sell these files to anyone else, there is no way to recoup my time.  However, you already know you love the general training on this site, so we are 100% positive you will be ecstatic with my personal one on one training.  I wanted to offer some personal one on one training, and honestly, everything I have ever done has let me right here.  Right now!

Regular Price $597.00 $497.00 $397.00

Limited Time Special Only $297.00


But wait, that is not all you get…

If you act RIGHT NOW, you will get EXCLUSIVE invitations to participate in LIVE training events conducted in various cities across North America.  Your city could be next!!

Listen.  Lara could raise this price on us at anytime.  Especially if our trainees do not please her.  She may even double the price on us.  Please get this while Lisa allows us to give this to you at this low of a price.  I promise you will not regret it.  She turned my wife  from a 5.0 ft nothing timid woman, into a confident, sexy, dominant woman, that not only dominates me, but has become a dynamo at her business, demanding respect from her employees and clients that she never had before.

When you look at the price, realize that I will not work for these rates ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  I am offering this as a trial, and can pull it at anytime.  I will honor all purchases, but I can  take down this page at anytime if I am not happy with the time outlawed for my compensation.  That is who I am, and you will just have to live with it.


Regular Price $597.00 $497.00 $397.00

Limited Time Special Only $297.00


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