Attention Sissies:  Let me show you how to be a beautiful feminized sissy boy, who looks like a real woman.

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I have learned that there are really only 2 things that ANY person has to do to get feminized by a hot wife, or even a wife that is not interested this type of sexual activity.

  1. Condition and realign the brain to need and desire this lifestyle so much, that it MUST become a reality.
  2. Take the necessary steps to make your fantasies come true.

Now for many of you, this may seem IMPOSSIBLE.  I am hear to tell you it is easier than you can ever imagine.  Quitting smoking for me seemed impossible too, but once I created a strong enough desire to do it, I pulled the patch off my arms in a matter of 5 days, and have never looked back.

Step 1.  Condition the mind.

But first, we must identify what type of sissy you are, and darling, you are a sissy, otherwise you would not still be reading this page.

There are 3 types of sissies that I have come to know:

  • cross dressing heterosexual sissy
  • bi-curious sissy
  • faggot sissy

There is nothing wrong with any of these, but in order for you to fulfill your fantasies, we will need to figure out which one you are, so here they are in a nutshell.

Gocebaby Sissy Maid Lockable Black Crossdressing Dress Plus Size Costume 474x500 1

Cross Dresser Sissy

This is the beginning stages and sometimes as far as it goes for some sissies.  You are likely a heterosexual man with no inclination of homosexual fantasies or tendencies but LOVE to get in touch with your feminine side.  In fact you are so obsessed with the beauty of a woman,  you want to be one at least in dress.  You would love to be lesbian submissive woman that gives in to the authority of a strong dominant woman that loves to play dress up with their sissies.

This can be a very sexually fulfilling experience for both the woman and her sissy wannabe.

It is important to be a good sissy crossdresser to have the most basic things to be the best woman you can be.


At least 2 thongs

At least 1 bikini cut

At least 1 pair of boy shorts

At least 2 pink pairs

At least 1 black pair

At least 1 white pair

5-6 packages of pantyhose

1-2 corset/girdles

At least 2 bras

2 pairs of fishnet stockings

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Outer Wear – Dress/Skirts/Leggings/Shoes

1 formal gown

2-5 mini skirts (for the slut that you are)

Pink and white tank tops

pink, white, and black tights

5 sets of pumps

Slutty knee high black leather boots

high end women dress for sissy elegant


pink, red, and 3 other sissy colours of lipstick

blonde, auburn, and black short haired wigs

blonde, auburn, and black long haired wigs


3-4 different types of eyeliner


This is a great start for cross dressing sissies, and even for the other sissies listed below.  Of course as you get comfortable being a properly dressed sissy, feel free to accessorize and beautify your sissiness even further.  It helps to have a woman assist you in this process.  Very fun for her too.


Bi-Curious Sissy

Of course as mentioned above this sissy should have at minimum the clothes above.  This sissy although is primarily sexually orienteered to women, they are not opposed to a strong woman forcing them to suck cock, or to have homosexual experiences with men.

It may be a very casual once in a while thing where the woman partner exercises her dominance and makes her man be a sissy, and fully exploits the male by making him do things that he normally would not do.  This is exciting for the sissy, because he/she is turned on by the control from the woman that allows them to explore their bi-curious nature without judgement or threat.  A good bi-curious sissy can be taught to swallow but should be done in a safe consensual way with a partner that is known to be free of sexually transmitted disease.  (it needed to be said)


Faggot Sissy

The definition says it all.  This is a sissy that is ready to become a woman in very way except castration.  At this point the sissy should have his cock locked up permanently, and the only pleasure derived will be a slow drip orgasm from anal penetration as the sissy takes on cocks regularly.

The faggot sissy should be well versed in taking a multiple cocks at once, one in the mouth, one in the ass, and one in each hand.  A good faggot sissy craves, loves, and dreams about cock all day long every day.  The longterm goal of the faggot sissy should be to come out to all, and let the world know that she is there to be fucked and used like the sissy slut she is.

What Kind of Sissy Are You?

(what kind of sissy do you want to be?)

If you are interested in becoming a sissy, this is a beautiful thing that should be embraced by you, and if your lucky your partner.  (really lucky if it is complete shock to her).  Besides the 3 general sissy types I have described above, there are multiple layers of sissy in between those levels.

Maybe you are just a cross dresser, but you want to experience a real cock in your mouth just once?

Maybe you have never even cross dressed but for some reason you are turned on, and just don’t know what to do with your partner, or yourself to take the next step.

In any case, I am here to help you.

I would love to help you make the transformation from man/boy to sissy either permanently or for special occasions.  It doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is that if you have these feelings, someone needs to step up and validate them for you, and assist you in helping you attain your goals.

 So now that you have identified what kind of sissy you are OR want to be, we move to step 2.

Step 2.  Take the necessary steps to make it reality.

I know for some of you, this is the part that you think cannot happen.  It is most difficult for men that are heteorsexual, or maybe even bi curious that have wives and are too afraid to share their fantasies with their wives.  They live in shame for having these desires that will not go away.  Some men breached the subject with their partners just to get shot down with a look of disgust.  For these sissies, it seems hopeless.

Fear not sissy.  I am an expert at helping you reveal your sissy desires in a positive light way with your partner, that will allow her to “ease” into your fantasies, and eventually embrace them.  It comes back to the first part of pushing your sissy desires to the front by realigning your inner beliefs that remove the shame.  When you approach your wife and you are coming from a place of shame, she can read this, and certainly will be turned off.  When you approach her “my way” without shame, and with nothing but love, and gracefulness, it is much easier to influence her to indulge in your fantasies.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is WHY most men need to be trained to be sissies.  We must remove your selfish desires, and turn you into a serving sissy that is there for other people to enjoy how they see fit.  This includes your wife.  I know how to do this girlfriend.  I know how to do this well.  I can have your wife fucking your tight little boy pussy in no time if you just stick with me.

Thats why I have developed…….

The Ultimate Personal Sissy Training Hypnosis/Coaching Program


After you join my sissy training program, we will identify where you are at right now, and where you want to be in the future.  We will then map out a program that will train you, complete with exercises, that will slowly transform you into the sissy you want to be.

Here is how it works:

After your subscription, you will get redirected to a questionnaire, in which we will dive deep into your sissy desires, and extract what your ultimate goal as a sissy is, and we will also find out EXACTLY where you are with it right now.

We will then make a training program consisting of:

  • a personal sissy hypnosis file that speaks directly to you based on your questionnaire.  This file will be one of a kind completely unique to you, and available for download to listen to as often as you wish.
  • training assignments that gently push you from where you are to the next step in gentle transitions so that you feel the transformation taking place naturally and healthy at a pace that you can manage.
  • Weekly diary submissions for review to pre-determine what your next months training will look like.
  • Personal emails throughout your training to assist you with your transformation and training.  Accountability sessions.  Alternatively, you will be offered one on one phone chats for additional costs if needed. (not immediately available, but coming soon)

Each month, you will be pushed further into sissiness until you have reached ALL of your sissy goals that are set out in the questionnaire in the beginning.

This is real hands on assistance from the comfort of a stranger, so that you will not be judged, criticized, or demeaned in anyway.  I have a very soft place in my heart for men struggling to find their inner sissies, and my training is not done through mean techniques, but rather from a very loving and accepting nature.  I will first increase your sissy desires, and then I will show you how to carry them out in your life with your partner in a way that she does see the sissy side, but loves the serving side of you.  Then we will show you HOW to broach the subject and convert your life into you being the wife of the house, while your woman assumes the man role.  This can all be done discreetly so it only happens with you and your wife, or you might both embrace this so much, that you choose to live the lifestyle and venture out to bdsm parties in reverse roles.  It is totally up to you.

Here is a sissy that I transformed.  Isn’t she beautiful?

tumblr o8kkd2SJpp1ryq9mbo6 500

Very proud of a trained sissy. Isn’t she beautiful? Can you even tell this was a man? Still has a cock, so she is the best of both worlds.

Be warned though…. I will push you towards your sissy goals though.  There is no point in creating goals if you don’t want to complete them.  I help people reach their goals in the femdom lifestyle and I will train you to be the best version of your sissy dreams.  I become involved with because of my understanding for the need for people that have “different” sexual desires to be accepted and to find a way to gain the lifestyle they so much desire, in a loving comfortable manner.  No matter how off the mainstream “society” deems it to be.

Here is a sample of just one of my sissies in training personal training file and assignments.

(The real training file is over 35 minutes long)

cumming soon.

Here are some existing sissy trainees… Listen to what they have to say…..the good little sissy sluts I am training them to be….

Here is a gallery of just a few of the hundreds of sissies trained on our site!!


Sissy Cocksucking Training

There is nothing wrong with your desires.

They will not go away.

Embrace them, love them, fulfill them.

Ok, so now you have figured out what kind of sissy you are, and we have worked together with your mind conditioning to make you DESIRE your fantasies so much that YOU MUST HAVE THEM.


I work with you from right where you are at to help you create an action plan to move you closer and closer to your goals until they become reality.  Each month of training you will be more and more committed to your training.  You will be able to do a bit more.  You will be able to embrace your privacy and keep this life secret if you want too, AND get your fantasies realized in a safe REAL way with REAL PEOPLE or your SPOUSE that you thought would never participate in your fantasies.

My action plans have:

  • helped single people to hook up with their ideal partner
  • helped sissies to PROPERLY introduce this lifestyle to their partners so that they full participate and enjoy the changes
  • helped bi-curious sissies to suck cock and love it.
  • helped dominate women break men into personal slaves where both of them were happier.
  • fulfilled hundreds of men and womens seemingly impossible fantasies come to life over the past 7 years.

The truth is, I should be charging up to 997.00 for this…

If you knew without question that 6 months from now, your single boring drab life would have a woman or women bending you over your dining table while you are wearing a dress and taking your ass on a nightly basis would you even flinch at 997.00?

Or if you were a single male that wanted so desperately to suck cock but didn’t know how to overcome your fear, and 6 months from now you had all the cock in the world to suck and lick would 997.00 be worth it?

Of if you were a married man that was so scared of telling his wife about your fantasies, but with my help, your wife was throwing parties and having you lick all of her girlfriends pussies, and sucking their husbands cocks every weekend… would you even hesitate at $997.00

I know that you cannot put a price on fulfilling your life.  There is no price you would not pay to have the life you have always dreamed of.  $997 would not even be a concern to you if you knew with absolute certainty you will have every fantasy you ever wanted to come true within the next 6 months…

But listen….

I am not going to charge you $997.00 for this.  I won’t charge you this, because if I do, you will probably close this page and forget about it and continue going to your computer to watch porn to fulfill your fantasies instead of living the real life of your dreams.

I had to make this accessible for everyone.

I had to make this possible for everyone.

I NEED to help you be the best sissy you can be.

YOU need to realize your sissy fantasies….


I might just raise my pricing too.  So get it while there is availability before this offer expires.

Only $297.00/Month

(cancel anytime)

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