Male Chastity Hypnosis Training For Men – Combo Pack


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Male Chastity Training For Men – Combo Pack

If you want to be the best man you can be for your partner, male chastity might be the answer.  Male chastity converts sexual energy and lust into productive serving power that enables the male to lose weight, earn more money, be more attentive to his partner, and all around better lover.  In this file you will have increased desires to be in chastity and will crave chastity until it becomes a regular expression of who you are.   Lara will take you through an epic adventure of self discovery to finally tap into mothers nature secret hack that enables a man to open his mind, body and soul to new adventures, passions, and life.



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4 reviews for Male Chastity Hypnosis Training For Men – Combo Pack

  1. Ryo Six

    Lara has enlightened me to the error of my ways. i am the inferior sex and my cock does not belong to me and needs to be locked up.

  2. subbie tom

    Before i listened to Goddess Lara in this audio, i would never have imagined being locked into chastity. OBVIOUSLY, i was stupid and influenced by my patriarchal society upbringing. However, Goddess Lara, with Her soothing voice has literally changed my feelings about chastity. i now understand that when i am in chastity, i will be much more pliable and useful to, and more easily controlled by Women. i now longer fear chastity, i actually crave it.

  3. Dee Muel

    Lara is the real deal! I have had a hypnoses fetish for several decades, and Mistress Lara delivers! I had a chastity device that I got on a whim, and Lara realy motivated me to upgrade. I did a ton of research, there is a male chastity journal on the web with all kinds of practical informaiton in it. Also, a male leather chastity site with info. So I upgraded to one from It is a Swiss model and I waited forever for it come via post. I love it!! I’m wearing it right now. It feels very comfortable, but still lets me kow it’s there. I highly recommend it. So Mistress Lara gave me the interest to take this from fantasy to reality and I could not be happier.

    hank you Mistress Lara from the bottom of my hmmmm, heart!!

  4. Yours57

    Thank you, Lara. This is truly a life game changer. I’m in better shape, my house is always in order. I am always horny and happy. And so eager to serve, obey and lick.

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