Submissive Sex


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Men Submissive Training MP3 for Submissive Sex Training

The mp3 file has a woman tell you the below affirmations.  To download this complete series as one hypnotic mp3 file go here.


  1. You will refrain from all masturbation, and direct all your sexual energy towards me.
  2. I am free to use your body in anyway I see fit.
  3. You are my bitch, and I want you to say thank you right now.
  4. You will learn to orally please me anytime I ask with no expectations for yourself.
  5. You understand that your orgasms belong to me now, and I will give them to you very sparingly.
  6. You will learn to be a good ass licker, because that is the way I want it.
  7. I will fuck your ass when I want, so that you remember who owns you.
  8. You will lick me to orgasm when I ask for it, and then thank me for the privilege.
  9. You will masturbate in front of me for my amusement, but I will not let you cum.
  10. I will teach you stamina to increase my sexual pleasure.
  11. Your sexual pleasure is not good for you, therefore we will not permit it.
  12. You will learn to have a very strong tongue, because I have many good uses for it.
  13. Your cock will remain locked until I decide to let you out.
  14. I will edge you, and keep you horny forever, because you need to serve my sexual needs.


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1 review for Submissive Sex

  1. Robert

    Very strong voice to remember the man’s place, should be used as a loop. It seems that to read the affirmations at the same time than listening make them stronger penetrate in the mind.

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