Kitchen Bitch For Men – Combo Pack

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Kitchen chores are for kitchen bitches.  Who is the kitchen bitch in your family?  You are.  In this file you will learn why you DEFINITELY want to be the kitchen bitch in your relationship.  Being a kitchen bitch has many benefits for the submissive male.  Imagine being sexually aroused by doing kitchen chores.  You don’t have to imagine anymore.  This file will have you crave cooking, cleaning, and doing other kitchen chores, and make your tiny little cock hard while doing it.  Your reward?  If you are a good boy, and have done a good job with the dishes, MAYBE, just maybe, you can lick your wife to orgasm.  A good kitchen bitch gets the best rewards.  Are you ready to become the best kitchen bitch you can be?  Of course you are slut.

Hypnosis File Length: 26 Minutes and 53 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length: 12 Minutes and 07 Seconds

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2 reviews for Kitchen Bitch For Men – Combo Pack

  1. taradula

    Service your wife and you will be happy, I am. Could you imagine how happy can you make your partner/wife/girlfriend or even female roommate just by being the kitchen bitch? They don’t need to know how seriously you take your role in the beginning . The first weeks my wife she was surprised about my enthusiasm taking over at all house chores . Later she liked it so much and I asked her n what level she wants the cleaning. Here for me the difficulties started but with files like that and housecleaning bitch and domesticated I am getting better. And if you combined with pussylicking files oh my Goddess !! I crave giving oral more than anything now. If I clean well my wife is in good mood she lets me service her anyhow from kisses to just facing and breathing her glorious pussy and while she has me in denial for more than a week , I am in heaven. Plus cooking is great hobby and very practical .Thank you Miss!

  2. William Hopkins

    This file provided amazing reinforcement of my desire to serve my Goddess and make her life as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend this file.

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