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Are you worshipping your wife in your house?  Are you cooking for her?  Are you cleaning for her?  Are you buying her flowers?  Are you giving her mind blowing orgasms?  If not, then this file is for you.  You haven’t lived up to being the best husband you can be, and this file will help create the desire to please, serve, and obey your wife.  You will be a good domesticated husband that knows how to do all the chores, give great back rubs, mind blowing orgasms, and more.  Be a good boy and download this.  Your marriage needs it.

Hypnosis File Length: 35 Minutes and 47 Seconds

Preview File

If you are going to be a good anal slut, you need to focus your energy on transferring your erogenous zone from your cock to your anus.  This file will help you do this.  It will also increase your desires  for cunnilingus, as your mind, body, and spirit will be transformed into pleasing women.  The anal training, is so that when you get horny, instead of masturbating, you will be fucked like the anal whore you are.  This keeps your body working, and your build up focused on pleasing women, instead of being a selfish male.

You will have strong desires to be anally penetrated, and this will also help you overcome feelings of shame if you have them.  There is no shame in being an anal slut for women with strap ons.  In fact, you were born for this.  So be a good boy and download this today!

Hypnosis File Length: 3 Hours and 58 Minutes

File Preview (9 Minute Preview of 4 Hour File)

Will you be my cum slut?  I promise I won’t tell anyone.  It’s just that it makes me super horny to have you cleanup after yourself.  After all, If I am willing to give you an incredible orgasm, don’t you think you should do something for me?  It’s good for you.  It’s good for me.  More importantly, it demonstrates to me what a good obedient submissive you can be.  From this day forward, this is an expectation ok?  Good boy, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.  Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.  :)

Hypnosis File Length: 30 Minutes and 51 Seconds

Preview File

 That’s over 6000 dollars if you purchased each file separately!!!

These files are 100% exclusive and can only be found on our site, right here, right now for this low of price.

 Understand Day Training Files.

Right now the only way to get day training files are if you buy them separately or if you are a gold member.  The day training files are the hypnosis counterpart to make sure you have maximum opportunity to continue your training while driving to work, or working around the house.  They are stripped of any hypnotic induction and serve as a tutor personally training you as you listen to them while you go about your day.  They are absolutely the KICKER!  No other femdom hypnosis site offers an accompanying day trainer file to the hypnosis file so you can maximize your training.

Enjoy our day training files while doing mundane tasks around town or your house without risk of falling asleep!!

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This is the most extensive femdom hypnosis training package on the internet today but we wanted to make sure that you didn’t risk anything and that is why we offer a 30 day full 100% money back guarantee on this membership purchase.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase today, so not only are we offering ALL of our premium femdom hypnosis at one low price today, we are also backing it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Here it is:  If you are unsatisfied in anyway over the next 30 days with the quality of our files, simply drop an email to with the Subject:  PRO REFUND, and we will 100% promptly refund your money, cancel any future subscription payments, and terminate your paid and free account with us.  FAIR?  If you are not happy with the quality of our hypnosis, there is no reason to have an account with us.


We have spend thousands of dollars making all of these files for you, and you can TEST DRIVE them for one month before making a decision if you like them or not.

Just before your 30 days is up, you have 3 choices:

  1. Do nothing, and get 4 new files each month for a low monthly subscription price of 24.95 /month mentioned below.
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  3. Request a refund, and get 100% of your money back within 24 hours, and we will terminate all future billings and close your account.

 Ongoing Femdom Hypnosis

Every month we will be adding a minimum of 4 femdom hypnosis files to our inventory.  We might be ramping this up soon.  Your gold membership includes access to EVERY new file we add to the site instantly as it becomes available!  The small monthly subscription is the cost of 1 file, so you will receive 4 files for the price of 1 each month!

Here is why you want a GOLD Membership with

  • Instant Access To All Femdom Hypnosis MP3’s We Have Made, Past, Present, and Future.

  • 4-10 BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE TO FEMDOMTRAINING.CA Femdom Hypnosis Files Every Month That Retrain Your Brain. (non gold members pay 14.99- 28.95 per file.)

  • Unlock Premium Downloads on Our Apps for quick access on your smartphones for easy listening

  • Completely unlock all training, videos, and content on site

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But if that wasn’t enough, we hav even grouped these files together in training modules complete with affirmations and training assignments to better enhance your hypnosis training.

Here is a sneak peak at Gold Membership

Gold Members Downloads

All of your download files are on the actual product pages.  As a logged in Gold Member just click on the product and scroll down to the heading Gold Members Access to listen to your files streaming.  If you wish to download to your device, visit the Product Combo Pages to download the set in a zip folder that you can extract onto your device.

Train By Modules

Male Submissive Module
Female Dominance Module
Sissy Training Module
Husband Training Module
Chastity Training Module
Anal Training Module
Cuckold Training Module

Or you can train by levels for Men, Women, or Sissies

Train By Levels

For Men

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

For Women

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

For Sissies

For Sissies & Their Masters

On any product page you visit as a logged in member, the file is there for instant streaming.

Or if you prefer to download to your device, simply choose the product combo pages to download all files pertaining to subject matter directly onto your iphone, android, pc, or mac.

The next price increase is to $97.00 and it is coming soon.

Only $147.00 $97.00


Skip this time sensitive offer and go to the members area.  I understand this offer will expire soon, and if I want to upgrade, the price will be $97.00 instead of $67.00