Eliminate Male Ego 2 For Men – Combo Pack


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Eliminate Male Ego was so popular with over 50,000 plays to date, that I decided to create another one.  In this file you will learn how to once and for all remove your male ego to better serve the women in your life.  There will be a trigger planted and an action you take in your training that will remind you of your place.  This will recondition your brain to accept complete obedience and devotion to your partner, and all women for that matter.  When you ego flares up, you will automatically be triggered with a simple memory that will put you back into your place.  Where you belong.

Hypnosis File Length: 32 Minutes and 32 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length: 19 Minutes and 0 Seconds

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4 reviews for Eliminate Male Ego 2 For Men – Combo Pack

  1. subbie tom

    All males need to listen to these recordings over and over and over. Goddess Lara is so insightful in understanding that males have been brainwashed by society into having unjustified egos. Obviously, Women are far superior to men. Women own and control men. So, it is only natural and normal that male egos need to be eradicated, in order to be better servants to Women. Serve, obey and lick should be all males ever think about and should be the credo they live under.

  2. zepierre_HVF

    Serve, Obey and Lick have to represent the soul and the desires of all submissive/slave men. Thank You Goddess Lara for Your lessons.

  3. William Hopkins

    This file gets right to the heart of the matter for submissive males and spells out the damaging effects of male ego and why it must be ruthlessly eliminated. After only a few sessions with this file I can already feel a difference in my attitude. As always, Goddess Lara’s amazing voice and succinct words make for an incomparable combination.

  4. Patrick Millard

    A must for all men. Make the world a better place. When all men follow and women lead fully we will be there.

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