No More Masturbation


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No More Masturbation

Shame on you for thinking you had the right to bring your self to orgasm.  Your body belongs to your wife, girlfriend, mistress, or me.  In no way are you given permission to wank your little pee-pee unless I tell you too.  If I do, it will be for my amusement not yours.  In this file you will learn that wanking your pathetic little cock is no longer acceptable, and we will teach you through abstinence from orgasm what submission really means.

File Length:  26 Minutes 40 seconds

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19 reviews for No More Masturbation

  1. Robert Gale (verified owner)

    This perfectly sets forth the single thing that must be done in order to maintain a willing mind set to become a submissive.

  2. Royce Grey (verified owner)

    A big part of the Femdom Training program is denial. This file supports that and reinforces it.

  3. Chastity Boy

    Great file to help the mind set


    So mesmerizing and binding!

  5. Adam Torre (verified owner)

    This was one of the first of Lara’s files I’ve listened to and it really sets the tone…I think I’m going to enjoy my training. I like how the files start off with a frank explanation of what the file is about. While the title gives you the gist of what’s about to happen, the file does so much more.

  6. Jennie J (verified owner)

    I’m already a permanently chastity locked sissy, and this is great encouragement to keep it up as well.

  7. rob teague (verified owner)

    This is a great file,very relaxing.yum

  8. Stephen Small (verified owner)

    Wonderful file to awaken the sexual energy to be given to your woman

  9. Terry Cure (verified owner)

    First step in in giving 100 percent pleasure to your superior woman

  10. CNYLiberal does such a great job with their hypnotic inductions. They are so professional, so perfect. Once your ready, then the real fun begins! Want to break the life-long cycle of masturbation and find some extra purpose in your life? This is for you. It works.

  11. JamesSturgis

    I went so far and deep with you and was so wonderfully relaxed by the induction it felt like in no time i was coming back to life after a wonderful dreamy nap. The file has explained to me some of what I am and want to be, i am really motivated now to achieve new highs of devotion and obedience in new ways. Thank you for the experience and motivation.

  12. Donnagirl

    What a great file. As a chronic masturebater I know this will cure me of that and make me serve superior women so much better. I was so relaxed during this file and felt so good after that I know it will work. I hope to have my little cock locked up soon so I can serve better

  13. Donnagirl

    I listened to this file for the second time and find it amazing. I may not need a chastity cage. After yesterday I did not jerk my little cock which is unusual for me. I have been twice a day sissy for years. None yesterday and no jerking today. I can’t believe the results after just two sessions. I do want to be a good little boi for lisa and become a true submissive


    Loved it, never gona touch my cock ever again

  15. James Crookes

    Still listen daily

  16. Karel xxxxx

    very relaxing, I was a little confused, some parts I don’t remember, I woke up horny

  17. James Mcguven (verified owner)

    I just started today and I have listened to this file for the first time and the effects are incredible. I masturbate 2 or 3 times a day and today I have not masturbated once and every time I am getting aroused and want to masturbate, my mind is like blocking the desire to masturbate and is making me more resilient to my urges where instead of masturbation I ignore it.

    I am going to listen to this everyday until I have broken my masturbation habits and find a woman that I can submit to.

    I recommend this file to any person.

  18. Juergen Meyer

    It set my mind and I understand that I have to pass the right for orgasms to Lara or my wife and that I only being allowed to mustorbate and milking myself without any orgasm. I will be a good slave and obey

  19. Markus Maier

    great file !

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