House Etiquette Training Couples Combo Pack


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For Men

Are you worshipping your wife in your house?  Are you cooking for her?  Are you cleaning for her?  Are you buying her flowers?  Are you giving her mind blowing orgasms?  If not, then this file is for you.  You haven’t lived up to being the best husband you can be, and this file will help create the desire to please, serve, and obey your wife.  You will be a good domesticated husband that knows how to do all the chores, give great back rubs, mind blowing orgasms, and more.  Be a good boy and download this.  Your marriage needs it.

Hypnosis File Length: 35 Minutes and 47 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length: 19 Minutes and 33 Seconds

For Women

Does your man have proper house etiquette?  Does he clean?  Does he cook?  Does he pamper you relentlessly?  If not, then you need to listen to this file so that you learn how to train your husband how to treat you.  What kind of man doesn’t want to curl your toes with a mind bending orgasm, after he has served you breakfast in bed, massaged you, and drawn a nice bath for you?  All men are here to serve you darling, so what are you waiting for?  You are the one to make it happen.

Hypnosis Trainer File Length: 28  Minutes and 25 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length: 13  Minutes and 22 Seconds

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