Chastity milking after 12 days without cum! Prostate orgasm(FEMDOM MILKING)

165 thoughts on “Chastity milking after 12 days without cum! Prostate orgasm(FEMDOM MILKING)

    1. I love it so much, I wish to come in my chastity cage with my wife fucking me, while I wear the most sexy corset and lingerie

    1. What you didn’t want my last comment.
      Well how abouy fuck yea my wife mistress always gave me the only way to kill achieving and prevent being satisfied.

  1. She has that technique down. I wonder how many men she’s turned into docile little pets after they feel what she is capable of.

  2. I have accepted the reality of Female Supremacy. They are now fastly growing. The better for my future without any struggle is to be trained as soon as possible.
    Locking my cock and ball and the key with my wife(not married yet) and her friends will help to emasculate me faster and be a good slave to women and girls regardless their age.

  3. I would love to give up my orgasm to my Mistress where she would decide when i get to cum and how i get to cum.

  4. This is my favourite video out of the 5 Mistress Olivia. I loved the milking part and would love to be at the mercy of my mistress to cum.

  5. Having your sexual release so completely controlled by your mistress like that would be quite intensely enjoyable.

  6. This is a great video. i like how She left removed his pubic hair and left his man bits bald, which is suppose to be done when wearing a chastity cage. i like the idea of having a domme milk my prostate the same way, something i would like to try.

  7. Locked for only 12 days and ends in stroking. This Mistress is so very kind. I hope her sub got it’s deserved meal.

  8. The thought of being restrained, cock all tied up and being rammed from behind has made me hard as fuck, then the fact he is milked at the end if a massive bonus, it left me wondering what happened to all that cum afterwards?

  9. Very hot. To have a such a cute and gorgeous woman turn me into a whimpering mess would be a dream come true.

  10. I loved how she smiled as she used and violated him in the beginning. I’d have liked to see her continue to smile later in the video. I love that she forced him to cum while being fucked like a slut.

    1. I had a pro Dom mistress in LA & she trained me to not masturbate for 2 weeks, & then she would milk me! It was so fantastic I went to her every 2 weeks with flowers & wine. I obeyed her totally! Ms Mahogany was fantastic! My name was Darla

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