Midnight Sex

<p>Im new to this, this is my first attempt. please review hard, but fair. i dont feel im too good at this.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Zzzz... Zzzz....</p><p>Lying there asleep i felt a tickling sensation on my legs, it must have been my girlfriend. She had recently been to a sex shop and picked up a few things she said i might like. i pretended not to notice the feather lightly brusing against my legs. i heard a faint giggle as the feather began to rub up and down my inner theigh, it was now heading slowly towards my cock. i could feel the warm air from my girlfriends heavy breathing as she brought herself closer, her &nbsp;hard nipples dragging accross my body, my cock started to rise.</p><p>&quot;Busted&quot; [...]