Losing your anal virginity.

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Today you are going to lose your anal virginity.

Don’t worry, I will be gentle.  I will take your anal virginity from you by being sensual.  And a little mocking.  I will make fun of you a bit, but that is what you want isn’t it?  A little humility goes a long way into training a man to let go of their ego and be the obedient submissive that he should be.  Losing your anal virginity is also a very important step into becoming more submissive for your dominant woman.  It really helps to have a partner that likes to peg you.  But if you are single, we will first pop your virginity, then turn you into an anal whore that will attract women that like to peg their men.  You don’t have to be a sissy to like getting fucked.  You just have to experience a prostate orgasm once and you will be hooked forever.

Hypnosis File Length:17 minutes and 19 seconds

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