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The concept of being cuckolded is quite common among men.  I hear it a lot in My industry – men fantasizing about their wives being with other men.  I agree it’s a hot fantasy but in practice I advise against it.   So much can go wrong that can end up tearing a couple apart, but it doesn’t mean you can’t safely enjoy the fantasy.  It just takes effort and imagination.

While doing some distance training with a couple it was revealed that the man had a long held cuckold fantasy and that the wife was resistant.  I gave them My stock advice to keep it in the fantasy realm but I also coached them on how to enjoy the fantasy.  Good fantasy fulfilment often involves at least a little mindfuckery and that’s exactly what we did.  The wife set up the fantasy by informing her husband that she had met someone online (they had been trolling cuckold forums/sites) that she wanted to meet in person.  She explained that she would feel better meeting this person out for a drink to break the ice and that she wanted to go alone so she wouldn’t feel inhibited.

She made her husband help her pick out her outfit and get dressed for the date, all the while telling him how excited she was to meet this guy. He asked her questions about him, she answered.  They made it real.

Once she got to the bar, she checked in as agreed and throughout the evening she sent her husband provocative texts, often leaving his texts unanswered, letting him stew.  She then announced that she was going to get into the car with the guy because the bar had gotten crowded and she wanted to get a look at his cock.  She later texted him a photo of an nicely endowed penis that was obviously taken on a cell phone in a car.  The husband started to doubt that this was just a fantasy . . .

This byplay continued for 3 hours while the husband got more and more aroused.  In addition to arousal he had feelings of jealousy and concern.  All of this is part of the cuckold game.

When she arrived home, she told him all the juicy details of her encounter including having impromptu sex in the guy’s car.  But now she was ready to fuck her husband and have him reclaim what was his.  He was to get the bedroom ready while she changed.  During this time, she rubbed some of her husband’s cum (saved from a previous scene) on her pussy.  When she stipped down for him, she instructed him to clean the other man’s cum from her pussy with his mouth.  The sex that followed was described as “amazing” by them both.

With some effort and roleplay you can make most any fantasy realistic and safe.  I debriefed them both via Skype after the scene and the wife (who had never quite “gotten” the fantasy) said she was extremely aroused during the scene.  Knowing that she was pulling her husbands strings was a power trip and then seeing how excited he was when she returned home made her excited too.  It was a win win.

A review of this couple’s online BDSM training including reference to this cuckolding scene can be found on The Buzz.

**Note:  My opinions are My own and may not be shared by others.  I do not hold Myself out as an expert on cuckolding but I do live a polyamorous lifestyle.  Along the way I have encountered other poly couples, swingers, cucks, hotwives, etc and My opinions about cuckolding come from those experiences.

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