My first BDSM first experience Part 2

The waiter came and Mistress ordered a glass of Chardonnay and before I could speak, she ordered the same for me. She smiled waiting to see my reaction but I didn’t say a word. Do you like wine boy? Yes Mistress I do, thank you for ordering it for me. She was staring at me [...]

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10 Hottest BDSM FEMDOM Scenes in movies

Unless you’ve been living under the rock of repression, odds are you’re at least familiar with the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s also spawned a film trilogy whose first installment, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, dominated the box office over Presidents Day weekend with a record $94.4 million take, and a global haul of [...]

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Mistress’ sissy Down on Main Street

sissy Down on Main Street Written by Sissy Nikki Sissy Gets An Assignment: To begin, Mistress always took her sissy for a walk down on Main Street. Fortunately, the cops did not frequent Main Street anymore because it was such an old part of town, not too many people went there. It was only the [...]

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My first BDSM experience as a submissive with a Femdom Part 1

I have always been submissive into BDSM in my relationships with Women. It didn’t matter if it was with my mother, my sisters my cousins or my girlfriends. Unfortunately, instead of having Dominant Women as girlfriends, I have always been with submissive girls like me. I never felt complete, I knew something was missing in [...]

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Femdom BDSM Humiliation Games To Keep A Man Deeply Submissive Humiliation Femdom games are designed to create that place where males feel deeply submissive to their Femdom. Here are some random Femdom humiliation game ideas for Femdom women to use on their submissive men. As a consensual, negotiated, fun, happy, loving Femdom role playing game. These ideas [...]

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Testicle Stretching.

I was thinking about how my husband’s balls are mostly tucked up or at least not hanging down very far when he is aroused. If you have read my blog for any length of time you would know that is a state I like him to be in. The problem is that I enjoy doing… [...]

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