Tips For Submissive Men Looking For A Dominant Woman

A Few Words To All The Submissive Men Out There Hello All, The other day, I was going through FetLife and came across a post by a Female Dominant about the frustrations She has had with submissive men who immediately begin to call Her “Mistress”. I decided to write a post about the experiences I [...]

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Mistress Goddess Sodomizes Her Slave

You Love This Don’t You Slave Mistress Goddess was standing behind me in her latex dress. I was suspended on my back on a swing and my leash around my neck that led back to my Mistress’ hand. My legs splayed wide as the sweat dripped down Mistress’ tan ass. Her tits flopped out and [...]

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The Unexpected Night With Dominant Maya

Dominant Maya And Her Surprise Visit “Oh, honey I almost forgot to tell you, a friend of mine from the bridge club is staying with us Saturday night. She had nowhere else to stay for the weekend so I volunteered to let her stay with us.” “No problem,” I replied. The following Saturday around 7:00pm, [...]

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Questions about Cuckolding Him

I get many questions on whether I cuckold my husband, ifnot, why not, do I want too, etc. I was reading another blog, the writer whom is the leader inHer FLR thought it is completely up to Her, She is the one in complete controlof Her relationship, if She chooses to, he would have to… [...]

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Welcome To The Gynarchy

Female Empowerment Is On The Rise While I am no psychologist or anthropologist, only an avid lover and believer of Female Supremacy, I cannot help but notice a shift happening in the American culture. What shift is that, you ask? If you look at our American culture, one can definitely trace the beginnings of the [...]

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The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (26)

Mistress Chloe Comes To Deliver Me Mistress Christy and her submissive leave me. The door closes and I stay on my knees, exhausted with my face smeared with cum. I’m in a second state. Time passes slowly and no other client appears for the submissive professor. I’m almost disappointed. Finally, the bell that marks the [...]

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Another followers story

An E-mail followers story. A different type of FLR, their method deals with spanking and cock cage, I don’t use ether. Hi Dorinda, I thought you might enjoy one couple’s story on a Wife Led Marriage as I believe others can benefit from how we made it work.  Why a Wife Led Marriage is Marriage… [...]

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The Dominant Brunette And Her BDSM Dungeon (1)

A Casual Conversation With The Dominant Brunette I used to buy lingerie for my then girlfriend at this adult boutique sex shop a few blocks away when we use to live together and I would always take a few minutes to chat with the owner. She was a beautiful dominant brunette, kind and welcoming. I [...]

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