On Saturday morning Mistress and I slept in quite late, with nothing particular to get up for to rush off and do. When I woke up I kissed Mistress’s back and was about to get up when she turned over and slid her left hand down towards my cock. She soon had me very hard and proceeded to give me exactly the kind of torturously slow, frustrating, hand job I’ve been fantasizing about this week…

If I had been less than rock-hard it would probably have been kind of annoying, because it wouldn’t have been enough to keep me ‘in the zone’; but since I was ‘throbbing’ it was nothing short of amazing. Mistress punctuated her slow, light, small movement touches with pointed slaps and also dug her nails into my cock quite a few times, which was very painful and right on the limit of edging into pure pain rather than erotic pain, but because these events weren’t prolonged too long it was still good.

This wonderful teasing went on for a while, becoming more and more intense, until Mistress started to pump my cock properly and then rolled over and switched hands so that she could really pump me hard and get me to the edge. That was also pretty incredible and my cock was really throbbing by the end of that little session!

I really hope Mistress will give me more slow, torturous, teasing hand-jobs in the future, maybe this would make a good combination with a cockring, some lube and maybe a dildo in ass for good measure? :)

I’m now 62 days into this particular period of chastity and loving every minute of it as always. Mistress complimented me on my oral skills yesterday which was very nice to hear; it’s nice to be good at something you really enjoy doing after all!

Our total ratio of orgasms since April 2011 now stands at 8.27 > 1. Still a way off the 10 > 1 target, but I guess it’s going to take a long time to get there, even when we’re currently running at something like 13 > 1. Mistress was way too generous in those early years I guess… hahaha.

Wonderful Morning Teasing…

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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