Ruby Ryder shares woman with strap-on holding a large pink dildo standing over man on bed

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #292!

Podcast #292 brings you new toys, discussion about dominant and submissive labels, and much more!

  • Ruby discusses Sexual Dominance, Submission and Labels
  • Response to ED/age issues from #279
  • Response to wanting to feel pretty #291
  • His story about bisexuality and pegging with his wife
  • He wants his wife to get pleasure from pegging
  • New Strap On Me Clit Sucking Vibrating Double!
  • Listener shares many thoughts revolving around pegging
  • She wasn’t fully on board with pegging and shamed/judged him…
  • Now she’s fully on board, and he doesn’t trust her



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An Auditory Delight! Podcast #292

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