” Got a minute” was all his text said…

After a couple of months of no contact, I received a quizzical text from my Guy this past week at 3PM  ….GOT A MINUTE.  Typical guy, short, no punctuation.  I said yes, & he texted for me to do a personal call instead of usual FaceTime, and block the #. UH OH. To me this was the guy version of a girl saying “we have to talk” Did he get caught? Was he sick?  He never uses that phrase.  it is always, “Ready” or “Alone”  or “Facetime Now”

I called all worried, What’s the matter? Are you ok?   Oh, yeah, yeah. And he went On to say he was flying down, but to a town that is a 3 hour drive away…he will be in THAT NIGHT at 8:30… PLEASE will you come up for the night?  Then to sweeten the pot so to speak he said, “I’ll do anything you want.  I’ll go down on you ., anything but please come up!  Please!   Hubby was home & I knew he had a business appointment the next day..So I started to tell him that I had a doctor appointment the next day because we are down to one car and he needed it to get to his appointment.    But then I see hubby giving hand signals that I should go.  Ok, ok. Told my guy I would be cumming. 😏  So I asked husband how he was going to get to his appointment and he said, he would call Uber.  Such a sweetheart to let me drive three hours so another man can fuck me!

He texted me the hotel name & said 8:30.  GEEZ.  He has given short notice before…but this really cuts it close. I texted I would try my best & he texted back, “ SAY YES!” (exclamation point included this  time)    “Bring everything!”  That means the dildo , lube, no panties.  So I rush around, went & got gas while hubby fixed a fast dinner for me.   Came back and dinner was ready, sat down and ate then began to get myself ready for my big night.
Last time hubby shaved my pussy  was on Sunday and now its Tuesday and my guy likes my pussy shaved for him so I told hubby to get the shaving stuff out and shave my pussy.  He did, gave it a slight kiss afterwards but did not get me off.  I guess he was saving my orgasm for my big fuck.  Hubby snapped this as I was putting my make up on…I was so busy concentrating did not even notice him sneak up and get the picture.

At 4:40 I texted I was on my way & would not be able to respond to his  texts..see you soon. He answered “k”.   THEN…while driving phone dinged. I saw later when I got to the hotel, around 7:30 I read his texts…he was running. late , now won’t be there until 9:15ish. {sigh} his life can be chaotic, I know he missed his first flight & took another. ( it can be checked these days on the computer)    I called husband and told him about the delay and about the horrible drive I had.  I ran into a severe thunderstorm that lasted many many miles.  Visibilty  was down to zero and I was afraid to pull off the road because I thought I might get flooded.  So down to 30 in a 70MPH Highway I plodded on white knuckling it all the way.  I was exhausted  and really upset about the delay. I told my husband I had a good mind to come home but he said, relax soon you will have a big cock in you and it will be worth it and besides that weather is still out there.  Then I  Spent the time getting texts from hubby proving to me how happy he was I took the chance & will be fucking another man soon.  First he sent this to show me how excited he was.   I saw his hard on and it was fun knowing he got it knowing it was not going to be his cock in my pussy.  Oh yeah and did I mention that even after he shaved me Sunday he did not get to put it in my pussy but he did go down on me and made sure I came and came hard before we both drifted off to sleep with my hand gently holding his hard on from the excitement of shaving me and orally pleasing me!

A little while after getting the photo, I get a video call from my husband.  As soon as I answer I can see he is totally naked, his hard on is pointing right and me and he is stroking his cock because he is so excited.  I told him that he could stroke it because soon another man’s cock would be in my pussy and his would not… The photo and the texts and then the call got me out of my bad mood and got me excited to see my guy even though he was going to be late.

Well. He did show up…I watched as he walked in & checked in. Then surprisingly  he walked out to my car & handed me a room key & said to give him A few minutes. He NEVER has done that. He always uses that safety catch to leave the door ajar.   So 10 mins later he texted “come on up.” 

I entered the room and he was sitting stark naked sprawled out on couch, huge hard on  in full display. Oh this is gonna be a fun night!

I undressed, Slowly  Pulled down my skirt, bent over to show I had a thong on. He said, get undressed! I don’t want to see any panties!  Now get over here & suck my cock. I did, kneeling on the floor between his spread out legs. I  put that huge cock in my mouth, tongue twirl & tickling, then trying very hard to go all the way down…I took my time..and stopped the urge to gag and did manage to take him all in.  All the way to my throat.  He was VERY pleased. I came back up & did normal cock sucking…tongue tickling, and went full down once more…he said to stop because that was such a turn on he was going to shoot his load, and he wanted me to cum first. 

He said, look at me. I stopped & looked up. My hands went up stroking his chest, across his broad shoulders to his upper muscled arms.  He asked, what did I want him to do to me? How do I want it?  (Wow. Turns out to be a night of surprises.)  I had told him on the phone I wanted to sit on his face…so he asked…do you want to go to the bed and sit on my face?  Do you want me to cum in you? on your face? How do YOU want it? And you have to give me instructions…do you want it harder? To the left? Or right? You have to tell me. ( in my mind I was thinking he & his wife had some counseling) I said I wanted to sit on his face…we had never done that. 

I walked over to the bed & beckoned him. He laid down & I crawled up on top…spread my lips and pushed down on his face…I ground my clit on his face. His tongue was swirling around my pussy, and on my clit. I moaned, That is good & pressed down saying, harder. He obliged  until I came. When he was certain that I came, as we got off the bed, he asked if I’d  liked to be fingered…he started fingering my pussy, then had me crouch down. He put his fingers up and wiggled them until I squirted all over.  The carpet was soaked because of  what I call his magic hands. 
Back over to the couch, more cock sucking…I went all the way down & this time he shot his load as I did pull away a bit. But he said that was  an INTENSE orgasm. I said because he had been teased & denied a bit. He should try it more often.  Husband knows all about being teased and denied and tonight was his ultimate tease and denial!!!!
He wanted to cum twice, so we sat back on the couch & he turned on a movie.. I was scrunched because I was cold. He saw that & went over & dragged the blanket off the bed & covered us both up. We Sat side by side…my hand reached over & placed my hand over his cock. Watching the movie.  He said he was limp, could I make him hard. I knelt down again…took the big cock between my hands…fingers laced softly going up & down. He did get hard, but he was not ready for round 2. We Continued to sit side by side watching a movie until it was over. 
When the movie ended, we went over to the bed. He looked intense…wanted round 2!  As I lay on the bed, he maneuvered me around so my legs were in the air one farther bent back in the air…like scissors. He was hard by this time and pushed that big hard Cock in me…deep in me. I moaned & said I feel so full.. that big cock  fills me. He pushed harder, I could feel The head hitting bottom of my insides.  I told him to cum. So I could have cum dripping out & would be able to smell him in the morning. One or 2 more thrusts, and ooohhh. He came deep inside.  He said he wanted to fuck in the morning. He lay down with his back to me. I gently caressed his back & lightly scratched until I could hear his deep breathing. 

But by the 7AM alarm, he had his business on the mind. 
He showered as I put on makeup & got ready to leave. So domestic.  He was busy on his phone making business arrangements….He said I could stay. I knew he had a time crunch, so when he was dressed, we hugged goodbye.( careful not to get lipstick on his white shirt).  I stayed & sat for a while with a cup of Hotel coffee. Giving him enough time to catch the hotel shuttle. 
 Do I have a minute? Yes, why yes, I do. Worth the drive up for an all nighter.  And oh what a night of fucking it was.!  Apologies to housekeeping for the mess!


Do I have a minute? Why yes, I have all night.

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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