In my last post I discussed common strategies for orgasm control and how orgasm control is a powerful tool in a WLM/FLR. Orgasm control was the very first thing I did with my husband. It was my introduction into WLM and Female Control. It was all at his request, so everything was brand new to me at the time. When he first explained to me that I could decide when he could orgasm and that I could make him pleasure me without him having an orgasm, I thought it was strange but it sounded like fun so I decided to give it a try. Those first few weeks were the most sex filled weeks that I ever experienced. There were lots of orgasms for me and very few for him. I was having a blast teasing and denying him and he was loving it to. I actually had to put the brakes on the fun because I could not continue at that pace. It was physically exhausting for me and if that’s all we did, we would never get anything done! 

In the beginning, it was all fun and fantasy for me. Thomas had told me that I could use orgasm control as a method to get him to do things for me but I really had no clue of the power that I held by controlling his orgasms. We were married at the time but not in a WLM. There was no control or authority exerted by me outside of the bedroom. However, in the bedroom he always had to ask for permission to orgasm. Over time I discovered the power of orgasm control and how to use it as a tool for control. My actions with orgasm control became more purposeful and less about the fantasy. It was still enjoyable but there was less emphasis on the fun part as it became a normal part of day-to-day life. That is a logical progression for couples who stick with orgasm control. However, I do still like to have a little fun with orgasm control on a frequent basis. In fact, it is a lot of fun for both of us when I take advantage of my power to control his orgasm and exert a little extra teasing, denial, and control. In this post I will share thoughts on the fun of intense teasing and denial.

I have to say that the better I got at teasing my husband and keeping him on the edge of orgasm, the more fun it became for me. It is exciting for me to see him in a highly aroused state and desperate for an orgasm. Seeing him struggling to hold back and knowing that I can easily push him over the edge is thrilling. One of my favorite things to do is bring him to the edge over and over again. Sometimes I will just let him rest for a minute before I start teasing again and sometimes I will make him pleasure me in between teasing. I’ve become skilled with knowing how different strokes and different pressure affects his arousal. Long firm strokes will bring him to an orgasm quickly. Soft light strokes will drive him crazy without bringing him to orgasm. I can keep him riding the edge of orgasm with just one finger. If he is close to orgasm, lightly playing with his balls allows me to continue teasing him while also allowing him to calm down just enough to get off the edge. Then I go back to stroking his cock without missing a beat. There are many other in-between strokes that I have fun with. 

It’s fun to tell him ‘no’ when he begs for orgasm and there are so many ways to do it. My tone of voice may be authoritative, playful, or dismissive- as if the idea of him asking for an orgasm was silly. I may say ‘no slave’ and then give him one or two more strokes and watch him fight to hold back the orgasm. I might tell him ‘no’ and that there will ne no orgasm for him today. Will he still beg for an orgasm when I bring him to the edge again, even though I’ve told there will be none or will he beg me to stop stroking him so that he does not have an orgasm without my permission? When he is in his mindless state I like to tell him how weak he is, how he is helpless under my control and will do anything for me.  Do you think that I am brainwashing him by planting those thoughts into his scattered mind?

When I am focused on teasing him, I enjoy mixing it up by sometimes bringing him to the edge quickly and stopping at the point he begs for orgasm and sometimes bringing him there slowly and keeping him at the point where he is riding the edge of orgasm for several minutes. I have discovered that when he is close to orgasm, just holding my hand around his cock and lightly squeezing every 10 or 20 seconds will keep him on the edge, struggling not to cum. This blows his mind as every second he is processing whether or not the next stroke or squeeze will take him over the edge. Thomas has told me that when he is on edge, even just the feel of my hand firmly wrapped around his cock and not moving is an intense tease for him. Just the slightest thrust of his cock will send him over the edge. He has to fight his body’s natural instinct to thrust into the warm tightness around his cock. It takes a tremendous amount of will power for him to hold back. It is exciting for me to watch him struggle not to move and not to cum. 

When he has been teased to the edge, in his weakened state he must decide whether to ride the pleasure for one more stroke or beg for permission to cum or beg me to stop so that he does not cum. After just a few minutes of teasing like this, he is mindless. All the worries of the world have melted away and he is intensely focused on me and the pleasure running though him. His only thought is ‘can I last another second longer?’ After about 10 minutes of this, he is in subspace, drowning in his own pleasure, unable to think on his own and completely at my mercy. That ladies, is why men who discover teasing and denial, love it and become addicted to it!  The tease becomes more exciting than the orgasm.

There are several options for me when he has reached that subspace state of mind. Most times, the teasing gets me all worked up to so I order him to pleasure me. When he is in this highly aroused state he is always full of energy and eager to pleasure me so it’s a fantastic experience for me. He never calms down either, so after my orgasm he is desperate for an orgasm and does not want the fun to stop.  I may tease him a bit more and not give in to his pleas for an orgasm.

Another option I choose after an intense teasing session is to end the session and tell him to pull himself together. It of course will take him a long time to calm down and his mind will be mush the rest of the night. Usually after an intense teasing sessions, he will wake up a few times during the night, aroused and fully erect. The effect of the teasing carries into the next day or two. He is like a good little puppy for me and very thankful for the teasing. It’s also fun because in those next few days, he is easily aroused. A slight touch from me, simple command, or even taking an authoritative tone will make his cock hard. I enjoy toying with him by making him hard (sometimes without even touching him) and then walking away. Sometimes I will do a 10- 15 minute tease session several days in a row just for fun. I will often do this prior to a “training day” in order to get him in the right frame of mind for training.

Then there is the option of having more fun with him through domination. When your guy’s mind is all mush from intense teasing, it is so much fun to order him around or even try some kinky things with him. It’s quite amusing how guys can not think straight when their mind is fried from arousal. I can just spout off orders and he obeys without thought. I may make him kneel and kiss my feet, lick my shoes, or lick my ass. He obeys without question and without thought. I may put him in a collar and leash and walk him around the house.  It’s also fun to make him promise things to you when he is in this state, because he will agree to just about anything.  “I promise to always treat you like a Goddess,” “I promise to start doing the laundry for you,” “I promise to buy you jewelry,”  ahh…so much fun! When he is in subspace, suddenly the idea of him slipping on a teddy or eating his own cum is arousing to him. I can get him to do just about anything. The truth is that I can get him to do these things anyway because I am the boss and he is a submissive slut, but it’s fun to get him to agree to these things when he is in a weakened state. It’s also a thrill for him to know that he is being manipulated by me but yet he can not resist my feminine power over him. Many submissive guys crave to be manipulated like that.

There is always the option of letting him cum during an intense teasing session. Not! Just kidding. On a rare occasion I may give him permission to cum. The surprised look on his face immediately followed by an intense orgasm explosion is an enjoyable sight for me. There is still no thought from him; just an immediate reaction by his body to orgasm upon permission. I love that control!

I will share more fun ideas in the next post….

-Mz Kaylee

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