When the mood strikes me and I feel like toying with Thomas, I will negotiate his his orgasm or add conditions to earning his orgasm. Well….it is not much of a negotiation because he has absolutely no leverage, but I like to make him think that he has some ability to negotiate. This always turns into a fun erotic mind game for him. I’ll push his limits to see how desperate and weak he becomes.

The negotiation and conditions can start before the teasing begins. For couples who have established days or dates for orgasm, it can be fun for the wife to start a few days in advance and demand tasks be done prior to his orgasm day. Not completing the tasks in time and to expectations could result in pushing back the orgasm date, the orgasm date being skipped, or a ruined orgasm. The tasks could be extra chores or errands above and beyond his normal chores such as scrubbing the refrigerator clean, cleaning and organizing your shoes, and polishing the door knobs. For added enjoyment, make him do them naked or while wearing a special outfit. The tasks could also be intended to humiliate him or reinforce his submission to you. For example, you could require him to buy himself panties and lingerie for himself and wear them every day until his orgasm day. The point here is that he is working extra hard to earn his orgasm or he is humiliating himself or doing something very submissive in order to earn his orgasm. 

It gets even more exciting when you negotiate these things when he has been edged over and over again and is desperate for orgasm. Perhaps you hold out pretty panties and demand he put them on or lose the opportunity for orgasm. Even better, make him beg you to put them on and make him tell you he wants to wear them for you. If he hesitates or resists, well then I guess he does not want to really orgasm. There are so many things you can negotiate: lick your ass, bark like a dog, hump your leg, beg to be pegged by your strap-on, drink your pee….the list is endless! When his mind is mush and he is teetering on the edge, he will turn into a slut and do just about anything. Remember that this is all being done in good fun. Having my husband under my complete control and willing to do anything is thrilling. One of the most exciting things for me is when he has that look of ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ while at the same time his cock his swollen harder than ever. His hard cock is proof that he is  loving it! Trust me, it is a thrilling mind fuck for the guy when he is manipulated like this. When he has been teased over and over again and is consumed in arousal, the more humiliating and crazy things you make him do, the more mind blowing and exciting it is for him. He may even feel ashamed afterward, but that is exactly the mind fuck that he craves and that is the mind fuck that he will remember for years to come. I once made my husband retrieve a tampon and stick it up his ass and then stroke himself to orgasm in front of me. He did it and was completely aroused by it. He later confessed to me that it was one of the most embarrassing and thrilling experiences. I still sometimes tease that if he is not good that I will make him buy his own tampons and wear them to work. He gets all quiet at the mention of it and I know he also gets aroused thinking about it.

All the things I mentioned so far, can be put into action before he has an orgasm or while he orgasms. For example, you can make him hump your leg to an orgasm or make him lick your ass before you decide to let him orgasm. How many things can you get him to do for just one orgasm? He is sure to go deep into subspace, when he is seduced into doing more and more things for you. It is also fun to make him confess or promise things, even if they are not true. Make him confess that he will do anything for you or that he is weak. Make him confess that he likes to dress like a pretty girl for you or that he is a sissy for you. If he resists, tell him that is just fantasy and that you want him to do it for your amusement (you can later tease him that he confessed this to you). Do not let him orgasm until he gives in to your demands! Fantasy confessions have quite a psychological impact because once he confesses it, the thought will resurface in his mind again at another time and he may even get aroused by it. Make him confess something enough times and he may begin to believe it or like it. 

You can also negotiate for things to be done after the orgasm. He must promise to lick up his mess afterward. If he does not agree, then no orgasm for him. Make him promise that if you allow an orgasm he has to buy you something, take you on a trip, or do extra chores. I have a standing rule that my husband has to buy me a gift after every orgasm that I allow for him. Orgasms are never free for him! There are many women who require that their man always lick up his cum after an orgasm (and there are many creative ways to make him do it).

If you really want to get into the mind games, you can give him choices that affect the timing of his orgasm.  For example: ‘I will let you orgasm two days before your orgasm date, if you wear a bra to the grocery store’ or ‘I will let you out of your chastity device for 1-day but then your orgasm date gets pushed back two weeks.’  A few days later, offer to tease him out of the cage for 10 minutes for the price of pushing his orgasm back another 2 weeks. I think it’s fun to sometimes give him options where you know he is going to say no to the option and stick with the the denial. For example, I doubt my husband would agree to wear a bra in public. Of course, you may be surprised at what he agrees to when he is all horned up. Even when he does not choose the option, it is still a thrill for him because he knows that he gave up the option for an orgasm and for just a second or two, the thought of doing the option (i.e. wearing a bra in public) ran through his mind. 

You can have a lot of fun throwing different scenarios out him to choose from:

  • When he is desperate to cum and knows that after he orgasms, the next orgasm will not come for 2 months, would he choose a ruined orgasm now or a full orgasm a week from now? 
  • Would he choose to have PIV sex now if it meant that his orgasm would be pushed back a month? 
  • Would he give up a night out with his friends if you were offering to give him an orgasm that night (and he is foolish enough to choose his friends over time with you then he should be punished swiftly). 

My husband loves when I queen him so I once had him teetering on the edge of orgasm and whispered while I stroked him, “I can give an orgasm right now or I can allow you to worship my pussy while I Queen you.  You have 10 strokes to decide.”

There are endless scenarios and games you can play and guys absolutely love the mind fuck. What better way to create a loyal and dedicated slave than to be the woman who knows how to fuck his mind so bad that he can not think straight. It is really bizarre but these crazy moments often turn into deep intimate moments that bring you closer together as couple. I’ve experienced it myself and I have had many people write or comment to me that they have experienced it. It is truly an incredible experience when this happens.

Every now and then when my husbands wants an orgasm he will try to start the negotiation with me, telling me that he will do whatever I want for an orgasm. Silly boy! First of all, I know that he really is looking for a tease and not an orgasm. Second, he does not get to initiate the negotiation. I don’t know why he tries because my response is always, “I don’t need to negotiate. You’ll do whatever I want anyway slave.”  He knows not to push further or I may just start assigning him tasks. Isn’t it ironic that he has no leverage whatsoever, but when he is aroused or desperate for orgasm, he will still fall right into the negotiation trap?

Have fun Goddesses. Start negotiating your husband into erotic oblivion!

-Mz Kaylee 

Fun With Orgasm Control-The Negotiation

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