I’m generally a fan of combining fancy equipment with kinky sex. It’s certainly not necessary, but it can be a lot of fun. However, I do draw the line at the idea of this cockring combined with a camera. That’s the stupidest combination of technology and sex toy I’ve seen since the vibrator that reported your usage of it to the parent company. What are you possibly going to see on a cockring camera that’d be interesting or titillating? It’ll just be dark, shaky close-ups of random body parts. It’s tough enough to frame a decent shot with a proper camera, let alone trying to do it by waving your dick around.

Although perhaps there’s a opportunity for a creative modern artist here. It might be stupid as a sex toy, but how about as the basis for a cutting edge art installation piece? Maybe they could combine it with a chastity device for an added twist. Andy Warhol famously made an eight hour movie of the Empire State Building in slow motion. How about a 72 hour film from the point of view of a dick in a chastity device? It’d be a striking social commentary on the phenomena of the dick pic and a critique of a society that seeks to both exploit and constrain sexuality. Not to mention a handy visual guide on effective peeing whilst in chastity.

If you’re going to attach something to a dick, this leash seems like a lot more effective and fun to play with.

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