Hello everyone, it seems my blog was flagged and blocked yesterday but seems to have been re-instated after appeal. I don’t know what all that was about, I read through the guidelines but the only thing I could see that was potentially ‘in breach’ was the links to videos on a ‘commercial’ site. 

Since I presumed the blog was lost I spent quite an annoying amount of time yesterday finessing my mirror blog (which hadn’t been touched since 2014), if this ever happens again all you need to do is take the dash out of the web address and you will find me at www.chastityfemdom.blogspot.com. This blog seems to have all the posts, right from the very start and not just the condensed version found here, so if you are super interested in Mistress R and I’s chastity journey then you might wish to go back – but I think when I condensed it I really only took out the dull stuff and things that were relevant at the time.

I am going to remove the video links page anyway, since this seems to be the only thing that I am breaking the rules with and to be honest most of them aren’t that good anyway. I had been planning a major revamp of that area with lots of new videos, but I don’t feel inclined to spend the time doing that if that’s going to cause me a problem. I may start a separate blog for them and then it won’t matter if it gets taken down.

As for Mistress and I we are still here, but it’s been a difficult year with one thing and another and the hot summer hasn’t helped matters either. Neither of us like the sun and heat at all and it seems like the last three months it was just relentless. Thankfully the last week or so the weather has changed and for the first time since May I started wearing jeans to work again instead of shorts!

I also just had my latest orgasm, which brought to an end a 67 day stretch that started on the 17th of July. As you can imagine it was pretty intense (to say the least) and as always Mistress fed my cum to me from her fingers. I hope she lets me cum on her beautiful feet again soon, it’s been a year since I was allowed to do that.

I’m not going to bore you with expectations of new stories, I have a ton of ideas, but I’m not going to even bother promising anything since every time I say I’m going to write absolutely nothing comes of it and I feel like I’ve cried wolf enough already.

Indeed, this blog has been pretty slow for a long time now, and it amazes me how many visits it still gets. But nothing has really changed or progressed so there isn’t really much to say. Setting up my mirror blog did make me think that I should be reading other blogs again, so maybe this will inspire me. I have read a few stories on Literotica this past week to get the creative juices flowing.

Anyway, please bookmark www.chastityfemdom.blogspot.com just in case we disappear again!

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