FMTY and Hotel Sessions

  Earlier in my career, I never wanted to “take the show on the road.” I was so used to the creature comforts of my studio and  availability of equipment. In more recent years I know truly enjoy FMTYs and hotel scenes. The creativity that comes with sessioning in different environments gets all my kinky juices flowing. Will it be a very minimalist scene?  If I do bring gear what will I choose? Will I make my sub procure what we need? Playing with Slave M was great. I turned the hotel into a mini dungeon. Crossdressed, punished, bound, gaged, electrocuted and made into a PROPER fuck slut! The post FMTY and Hotel Sessions appeared first on Mistress Natalie. FMTY and Hotel [...]

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Having fun with my bondage toy

Recently there was a thread on twitter asking what your top 5 scene activities were. This right here is one of them. Heavy bondage with sensory deprivation. Honestly I can’t get enough. The methodical tightening of the straps, increasing my control and his surrender. Words become completely unnecessary. The deep trust facilitates an intense nonverbal intimate connection. I can do anything I want. I have total control. It feeds me:-) If you would like to explore BOOK HERE If you like what you see say THANK YOU HERE   The post Having fun with my bondage toy appeared first on Mistress Natalie. Having fun with my bondage toy

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Highlight video from BDSM Slave B’s service

Slave B has really been putting in a lot of effort to be able to endure more, longer and better. He has been assigned lots of at home practice to deep throat, stretch his ass and suffer nipple pain. A little light cropping to focus salve’s attention followed by nipple clothespins and boot worship to make him feel more submissive and in service. Predicament bondage allows me to fully test his abilities to please my sadistic and controlling nature. Estim, sounding, increasingly intense NT and a very good throat fucking. Now thoroughly used and extremely eager for more slave B is put in my gyno chair and pegged with various size strap on cocks. To push slave B to the max I use [...]

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Heavy Anal with Andy WhoreHole and Goddess Freya- fisting and more

An epic 3-hour session with my anal slut and “mystery guest” Goddess Freya. Anal slut and I like to play a little game where I get to choose a beautiful FemDom to join our session. Slut does not know who she is until the big reveal. He is blindfolded (and very well prepped by me prior), and she inserts her fist into his hole. Only once inside does the blindfold come off. It’s so much fun. We continue with lots of large toys , fisting, double fisting, punch fisting, footing, elbow-deep insertions, and my favorite – holding hands. BOOK HERE UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("row-unique-0")); UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("row-unique-1")); The post Heavy Anal with Andy WhoreHole and Goddess Freya- fisting and more appeared first on Mistress Natalie. [...]

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Just a little fun with Slave O

Sexy Panties on sissy slave Stretching his tight hole Just a few needles to let him know who he belongs to! In his continued service Slave O was made to shop at Victoria Secret for summery lingerie and wear them all day at work in preparation for serving me in the evening. Shortly after his arrival he was bound, hooded and heavily gagged. I proceeded with the more than necessary slut training, CBT and needly play. The breathing tube also served as a delivery system for my spit and piss!  Book here    The post Just a little fun with Slave O appeared first on Mistress Natalie. Just a little fun with Slave O

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Interview with @AmalievonStein

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fabulous Amalie Von Stein yesterday. Check out the interview here     The post Interview with @AmalievonStein appeared first on Mistress Natalie. Interview with @AmalievonStein

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