Well, we made it through another year… and achieved ten years of continuous (cage free) chastity/orgasm control. Obviously nobody thinks about whether they are likely to still be doing something in ten years time when they start out, but since the whole adventure started on a rather shaky footing I wasn’t sure it would last more than a month. Things worked out in the end and Mistress is obviously still happy with how things are so that’s good. 

As has become customary over the last few years, I have made a few graphs to illustrate the important numbers, so let’s have a look at the data…


Well, we’d best start with the most important graph of all, which is of course Mistress R’s orgasms! Unfortunately (due to vaccination side effects for me over the last week of March) we didn’t quite manage to beat last year’s total but we did equal it, so at least we aren’t slipping backwards. Mistress averaged 9.25 orgasms a month or just over 2 a week, which isn’t bad all things considered.


This chart shows the number of orgasms Mistress had on my tongue, but assisted by her glass dildo. A bit of a fall after a very steep rise last year.


Next up we have our number of Femdom sessions, which again is a solid six, the exact same number as last year. Again, at least we are not slipping backwards, and considering we didn’t have our first session of this Chastity Year until August 2020, that means we’ve only missed out two since then. 


This graph shows the number of instances of ‘Spontaneous Ass Worship’, which means instances which take place outside of the bedroom or normal sexual activity and are, well ‘spontaneous’… by which I mean Mistress instigates it. Obviously I had hoped this one would continue to climb, but unfortunately not… hopefully this year will bring a better result here.


This graph illustrates both my full and ruined orgasms over the last ten years and while I did get two more full orgasms this year than last I also got five less ruined orgasms, making this the lowest total number of orgasms since the beginning.

Which we can see illustrated here with my total number of releases (ruined and full) dropping 23.5% from last year to this!

With Mistress R’s total number of orgasms remaining stable and me enjoying two extra full orgasms this year it was inevitable that this would show a definite dip, but we’re still way over the benchmark 10:1 target I hoped for way back in 2011. What must be taken into account here is that this graph is hugely dependent on how many orgasms I am allowed as it would need Mistress to have a lot more orgasms to counteract the effects of just one of mine…
This graph shows where those eight full orgasms ended up being ‘deployed’… all fairly straightforward except one, which was that I didn’t cum on Mistress’s ass – but that’s where I licked it up from so I decided to count it as there on this occasion.

This chart shows the ‘destinations’ since the beginning, this gives a kind of skewed view of things because in those years where I was allowed to cum 20+ times often at least half would have been inside Mistress’s pussy, now it’s once or twice a year, but since the total is so low now it’s going to take a long, long time for this chart to start to reflect that… so maybe another graph is called for.

Quite dramatic, but then you have to take into account the total number of orgasms that I have been allowed… so even two this year still represents 25% of the total number of eight.

Well there we are, that’s it for another year… hopefully all these graphs will be moving in the right direction come April 2022!

Ten Years of Chastity!

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