The  Mother of  Eroticism is  Spontaeity:

It has been a while since I have heard from my #1 F*** Buddy.   Hubby has been deprived of some cuckolding.  He sends me articles about some scenarios other  cuckold couples have done.  I took one to heart.    After one of our traditions of him shaving my pussy, after I came, I played with him, then took down his underwear, rolled up & laid on top…I put my pussy on his throbbing cock..saying..”Do you want this”,I teased….  My pussy lips surrounded his cock..”This is what you want, isn’t it” I purred….   I squrimed a bit & ground my pussy on his cock..I could feel his cock throbbing & his hips coming up to meet me…then NO!   I rolled off. “You may not have your cock enter this hot wet pussy today!”  He groaned…not wanting to accept the denial:  but had no choice but acceptance!

The next day..BING. Incoming text. My eyes lit up & hubby knew…that’s HIM isn’t it?  Yes.  He texted for me to call..uh oh.  Our commuication is nothing but texts until we can hook up or do Facetime, so I was concerned.. That feeling one gets when a special someone says’ We have to talk”.   

As soon as he answered I asked “Are you ok?”  . Yes. I want to drive up, have a quick come & get back to the airpoert for my 8PM flight.  It was 5Pm…knowing the area..I said there is NO WAY you can get up here & back in time.  Not deterred, he said, get in your car & drive south, we can meet somewher in the middle.  Also knowing the area, I was skeptical.. still not deterred. He mentioned a place we both know well to meet. It is in the middle distance wise, but rush hour traffic…can we make it?  He said, Do it.  Husband said, JUST GO! GET OUT OF HERE! 

I did my best Mario Andretti through rush hour traffic.  My heart was racing as fast as I was driving.  At my exit…uh delay. I was wondering if his traffic was slowing him down & almost called to cancel , but just drove to the place & waited. He must have also been playing Mario Andretti. 10 minutes later, his truck pulled up behined my car. I got out & jumped in his truck.  

He piulled out onto the  road..I suggested a nearby park, but he said  he had to be really quick to make it back in time.  He pulled onto a side road…lots of trees  But chain link fences up & down the road with large NO TRESSPASSING signs on them. He turned around at an iron gate that showed there are cameras.  This  may be dangerous;! but  he pulled off to the side under a grouping of large trees.  Good cover, soldier boy.   

He told me to climb into the back of the truck.  I did, leaned over & he reached back from the front seat & got to see a bare ass facng him as I wore no panties.  He put his fingers in my excited wet pussy & found the sweet spot…I could feel myself squirt. It just so happened there was a towel on the back seat…I held that as a catch all for my squirting like a fire hose.  He was thrillerd, and stuck 3 fingers up my pussy making me squirt even more.  He rubbed my clit until I hollered, back arched, toes curled.!!!

Did you come? Yes?…then get up here & suck my cock you whore!  He undid his shirt to get it out of the way so nothing would get on it leaving evidence.   He pulled his huge  now throbbing cock out…my head went into his lap…taking that large cock in my mouth..slowly going all the way down to his balls….that deep throating turns him on.

UH OH..a CAR!  A car turned down the road…we stopped & waited…like soldiers watching & waiting..he could see it up ahead through the trees.  Then miracualously, it did a u turn and pulled away.  BACK TO  that GLORIUS  COCK.!

My mouth was on him, tongue flicking the shaft..he said, do it Bitch!!, all the way.  So I sucked, then went all the way to his balls. He groaned & made gutteral noises & came in my mouth hard  like an avalanche gaining momentum as it tumbles down the hill….Only my throat was the hill and his cum the avalanche.

He said thanks, and drove me back to my car.  I hopped out, looked back before closing the door, both with smiling faces.  I got back in my  & drove off through now pouring rain. I never knew if he made it back for his flight or not.   But I don’t need to know… he will adapt & overcome.

On my way back home, I was rewarded with the most brilliant double rainbow I have ever seen.  Double rainbow for 2 very happy people.!😊

All the stars must have been aligned because everything worked out. It was very exciting…after the last two PLANNED attempts at getting together failed…this spontaeous last minute dangerous attempt to get together, not knowing if I will get to see & touch that big cock  was very exciting indeed. 



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