It is fun to fantasize and imagine what could be, even though it may never be…or who knows maybe your fantasies will come true. In the spirit of this fun, I have added a new section to my blog for erotic stories.  Just look to the menus on the right, page down, and you will see it.

Thank you to “Onewhoadores” for being the first contributor to this section. If you would like to submit an erotic story, send it to and let me know what name you would like it published under.

Please note that I will not be editing stories. They will be published “as-is” so take the time to spell check, format, and edit your submission prior to sending to me.

This is a blog about wife led marriage, female led relationships, and female domination, and therefore, stories should fit within those themes. Stories, counter to those themes or off-topic will not be published. Stories that are inappropriate or that I deem offensive will not be published (e.g. no stories involving kids, incest, etc.).

I look forward to others submitting erotic stories and I hope that it brings a fun new dynamic to the blog.


BLOG UPDATE: New section added for erotic stories

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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