It had been nigh on a week since I’ve been able to worship Mistress’s gorgeous pussy, but tonight made up for that. As I said before, the glass dildo has now become a permanent fixture (or rather a permanent possibility) and once again, part way through Mistress handed me the toy to use on her as I licked her delicious pussy. As I’d hoped after such a delay, she had a lovely, hard orgasm with the toy inside her and my finger teasing her ass.

Once she’d had enough I licked her dildo and my fingers clean and then started kissing her gorgeous feet, but after not very long Mistress pushed herself towards me again and much to my (delighted) surprise she pulled my head back between her sexy thighs and then lifted herself up, clearly indicating that I should lick her ass clean. It was such a lovely and very welcome surprise and Mistress seemed to love it too!
:) :) :)

Afterwards Mistress teased my cock, but it was a bit recalcitrant… fortunately after I slipped the cock ring on it was nice and hard and she got me to the edge pretty damned quickly. Then, while my cock was still being kept hard by the cock ring she sat next to me and allowed me to kiss the soles of her feet, all the time hoping she would grab my cock again and stroke it just a little more. She didn’t, but I loved kissing her soles anyway.

Mistress has had to cancel her pedicure this week, and as she knows how much I love her feet she had me remove the nail varnish on her toes and file her smallest toenail down for her. My next task is to temporarily redo her nail varnish, just as a make-do until she can re-schedule her appointment. I’m rather looking forward to it, I hope I can do a good job. You guys know how much I adore her perfect feet so why wouldn’t I?
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