Expect the Unexpected!

It had been nigh on a week since I've been able to worship Mistress's gorgeous pussy, but tonight made up for that. As I said before, the glass dildo has now become a permanent fixture (or rather a permanent possibility) and once again, part way through Mistress handed me the toy to use on her as I licked her delicious pussy. As I'd hoped after such a delay, she had a lovely, hard orgasm with the toy inside her and my finger teasing her ass.Once she'd had enough I licked her dildo and my fingers clean and then started kissing her gorgeous feet, but after not very long Mistress pushed herself towards me again and much to my (delighted) surprise she pulled my [...]

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The Perfect Conversation Starter?

The other day I posted a video called 'You Know What I Want' or something like that.. which I notice a lot of people have clicked on (can't imagine why). It was made by a studio called 'Female Worship' and it seems they have quite a lot of videos available on PornHub. They are all pretty much the same formula to be honest, guys worshipping their wife's/girlfriend's pussy and/or ass - what's not to like, right? Obviously some are better than others, depending on the actors involved and I've linked about fifteen of them on my video page, but I thought this one in particular deserved to be shared more widely.The premise is simple, the guy comes to tell his sleeping girlfriend that [...]

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MARTIN, SOPHIE & CHRIS: Originally Written in 2004 (reworked in 2019)

I've just submitted four old stories from 2004 to Literotica, all of which have been redone from hard copies and improved where possible, I'm not going to post all of them here, but this is the best one (and one of Mistress R's favourites) and I thought I would share it with you...MARTIN, SOPHIE AND CHRIS Sophie closed her eyes as the water fell over her head. She loved her new shower, in fact she loved her new house and her new husband too, even though her mother thought he was too old for her at 30. He was waiting for her now, in their newly decorated bedroom, with his lovely thick cock probably already hard. Sophie’s hand rubbed the shower gel into [...]

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If Only Every Day Was Like This!

This (short) video is great, how awesome would this be... I wish Mistress R would drag me away from doing the washing up just to eat her pussy and then kiss me and leave without even thinking about touching my cock! This is just the sort of thing those 'Mums Make Porn' women on Channel 4 should have come up with if you ask me...! Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining #husbandtraining #analtraining #cuckoldtraining #femaledominancetraining #chastitytraining

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Stories and Comments…

I've added a link to 'The Vice' on my stories page and also at the bottom in the 'Other Authors' section I've added a link to a really good three part story called 'Hotwife and Cuckold' by Cutecouple102, I'll post the links here as well:https://www.literotica.com/s/hotwife-and-cuckold-ch-01https://www.literotica.com/s/hotwife-and-cuckold-ch-02https://www.literotica.com/s/hotwife-and-cuckold-ch-03Unfortunately this is the only story this author has submitted so far, but as it's only a few months old I guess there's hope they might add some more. I'm not adding this to the links page because it's not quite as good, but I also found another pretty good story which some of you might enjoy.https://www.literotica.com/s/my-slutty-girlfriend-goes-clubbing---So I got a couple of comments on yesterday's post already... the first one from Happy pet said: "I am in complete agreement [...]

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I Am So Lucky to Have Such a Gorgeous, Sexy Mistress as my Wife.

Tonight was my weigh-in and I lost three pounds, which means I've lost nearly all the weight I put back on last week, despite going out for another meal! Unfortunately as I haven't got into 'new' weight just yet that means I don't get to choose a toy to play with, but as I explained the other day Mistress and I decided that we would make the glass dildo a 'default' in as much as I would get it out for her, but let her tell me if she wants me to use it or not. So far we're two for two and I already wonder if she will ever not want me to use it?It obviously feels amazing for her so why [...]

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88 Questions About Sex

I may have done something like this before, but I figure I've probably got some new readers who won't have seen it so why not try again. I've compiled these questions from various sex questionnaires I found online, some better than others it must be said... and I chucked in a few questions myself as well.Q: Lights on or lights off?A: Lights on, I can't remember the last time I had sex with the lights off.Q: Describe your ideal woman.A: Physically Mistress R is my ideal woman, I wouldn't change anything about her body. I love every part of her just the way she is. I guess my imaginary ideal woman would be more 'Femdom' oriented... and just generally dirtier. Hahaha...Q: What's the [...]

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A Totally Wonderful Morning

Last night Mistress and I went out with friends and stayed over at their (huge) house in the country. It's a bit like going on holiday for us, such is the luxury on offer there, and as usual we all ended up staying up pretty late into the early hours of the morning. Annoyingly, despite hopes of a nice lie in, Mistress and I both woke up at about 6AM (probably because the birds outside were tweeting like absolute bastards)… we couldn't get up at that time of the morning in someone else's house really (even a massive house like theirs), so we stayed in bed for nearly two hours talking and cuddling.It was fantastic as we were both totally relaxed, and taking [...]

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Happy Easter…

It's Easter, and it's hot, so obviously the thing to do is get in the car and drive to the seaside - right? Well, no... we'd rather stay home with the curtains drawn and spend (some of) the day in bed together. We've had a bit of a crappy week leading up to this weekend what with one thing and another, so it was really nice to get between Mistress's gorgeous thighs last night and to give her a lovely orgasm before she stroked me to the edge.Less than 24 hours later we were back in bed with Mistress enjoying an even better orgasm and then stroking me right to the very edge again. My cock was achingly hard and I wanted more. [...]

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Update on ‘The Vice’

According to my stats page over 250 people have now read 'The Vice' and one person left a comment. It was positive, so not a total waste of time then! Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining #husbandtraining #analtraining #cuckoldtraining #femaledominancetraining #chastitytraining

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