I’ve just submitted four old stories from 2004 to Literotica, all of which have been redone from hard copies and improved where possible, I’m not going to post all of them here, but this is the best one (and one of Mistress R’s favourites) and I thought I would share it with you…


Sophie closed her eyes as the water fell over her head. She loved her new shower, in fact she loved her new house and her new husband too, even though her mother thought he was too old for her at 30. He was waiting for her now, in their newly decorated bedroom, with his lovely thick cock probably already hard. Sophie’s hand rubbed the shower gel into her breasts and she tweaked her nipples as she thought of him.

“That’ll do,” she thought. “I can’t wait any more.”

She turned off the shower and squeezed her long, dark hair semi-dry, flicking the worst of the water from her body with her fingers. The bathroom was full of steam and she pulled back the shower curtain, carefully stepping out of the bath and onto the mat. She had just picked up a crisp, white towel which made her olive skin look even darker than it really was, when the bathroom door was thrown open.

“Hey!” She squealed. “I’m not ready yet.”

Martin stood in the doorway, 6’2” and naked save for his black designer pants. He moved forward, smiled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her out of the bathroom.

“Martin! I’m still soaking…”

“So what?” He said, laughing.

It was hopeless to resist, he was much too strong and so Sophie followed him into the bedroom, still dripping water everywhere. Inside the bedroom, Martin pushed his wife onto the bed and held her arms firm to the mattress at the sides of her head. He moved over her and started to kiss her neck.

“Martin… the sheets are going to be soaked.”

“I don’t care,” he whispered and started kissing her shoulders.

Soon Sophie didn’t care either as Martin started to lick the water from her skin. Her pores were wide open and her skin felt more sensitive than usual. He let go of her arms and began licking lower down her body, his strong hands pulled her legs apart and held them spread open, exposing her pussy. The cool air felt wonderful as the drops of water on her lips began to evaporate, but Martin was eager to get to work.

He lay between her legs and lifted her knees over his shoulders, his tongue pushing eagerly into her wet hole as his fingers spread her lips.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Sophie, arching her back and pushing her pussy forward.

Martin’s tongue probed deeper still, he pushed it in as far as it would go and then pulled it out and flicked the tip against her clit. She was wet now, not from the shower, but dripping wet with juice.

“Please Martin, stick your cock in me.”

Martin ignored his wife and continued lapping at her hot, musky slit. His cock was straining to get out of his pants and he pulled them down with one hand. He wriggled his legs until his boxers slid off onto the floor and then pushed her legs forward so her knees were pushed up against her tits, exposing her ass. His tongue moved to its new target and Sophie gasped as she felt the tip lap at her tight asshole.

“No… please don’t!”

Martin had been trying to get his cock up Sophie’s ass for months, she had promised to let him do it when they got married but so far she had not kept her word. Secretly though she had been practising with a selection of dildos and was almost ready. She often fantasized about him forcing her to do it, but she knew that he wouldn’t do that.

Martin reluctantly returned his attention to his wife’s cunt, slipping first one, then two thick fingers inside her silky hole. He let her legs drop back down and then moved himself over her so that they were in the 69 position. Sophie grasped his meaty length and bent it back towards her face and Martin was soon gently fucking her mouth.

Sophie stroked his balls as she sucked on his prick, occasionally pulling on them, which made his cock even harder than it already was. After a time she pulled his cock out of her mouth and began pumping it with her hand, then lifted her head and started to suck and lick his heavy balls.

Her pussy was stuffed full with three of Martin’s fingers now, but she felt one slide out of  her and the tip press against her ass. Her cunt had dripped so much juice by this time that her ass was soaking too and the finger slid slowly and gently inside.

Sophie tried to protest, but Martin ignored her. She tried to relax and concentrate on his cock, but it was difficult. He was licking her clit now as his fingers all moved together in a firm but shallow back-and-forth movement. She was in two minds, half of her wanted him to stop, but half of her…

Her dilemma was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” spat Martin.

Sophie’s head fell back on the bed and she half laughed as the doorbell rang again, but Martin wasn’t impressed.

“It’s Chris, I completely forgot she was coming… oh Martin, I’m so sorry!”

“Can’t we just ignore it?” He pleaded, gently probing her holes with his fingers.

The doorbell rang again.

“I guess not,” she said. “You stay here, I’ll get rid of her as soon as I can.”

“Fine…” he sighed, sitting up and crossing his arms in a sulky gesture.

Sophie put her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

“I won’t be long, and then we can do something about ‘this’,” she gave his cock a playful squeeze as the doorbell rang a third time.

Sophie grabbed her dressing gown and disappeared through the bedroom door, leaving Martin to flop back onto the bed, his raging hard-on sticking straight up like a ship’s mast.

“Bollocks,” he muttered to himself.

He said it again a few minutes later when he realised that he was pretty much trapped in the bedroom. His dressing gown was downstairs and his clothes were in the spare room and with the ‘wonderful galleried landing’ that they had he could hardly go and get them without giving Chris an eyeful. He looked around the bedroom for something to do and noticed a book on Sophie’s bedside table. He reached over and picked it up, on the cover was an arty shot of a woman looking out of a window.

‘Usual crap’ he told himself as he flicked through the well worn pages. He noticed there was one page marked with a folded over corner and started to read from there.


Sophie glanced in the mirror to see what sort of state she was in. Her hair was all over the place, having dried against the mattress and she had no make up on at all. The doorbell rang for a fourth time.

“Urgh,” grumbled Sophie and opened the door.

On the doorstep stood Chris, it had been raining pretty hard and the poor girl was soaked.

“Come in… Christ, you’re soaked!”

Chris was a good few years younger than Sophie, 18 to her 24 in fact. But they had grown up next door to each other and were like sisters. Apart from that, the two had little in common, where Sophie was dark, Chris was pale with mousy hair. Where Sophie was curvy and somewhat adventurous, Chris was boyish and naïve.

“Sorry, I was… in the shower. Come over here, you sit by the fire.”

Sophie turned up the gas fire and then took Chris’s coat and hung it over a dining chair, where it dripped relentlessly onto the neutral carpet.

“Do you want a drink?”

“Oh yes please,” sniffled the girl, shivering slightly.

Sophie scooted off to the kitchen to put the kettle on, and returned a few minutes later with two mugs of hot coffee each sporting a generous slug of Tia Maria.

Chris was beginning to warm up a little now and took the mug gratefully.


“Are you OK? You look a bit…”

“Yeah, I’m fine…”

Chris looked anything but fine.


Chris burst into tears and Sophie moved next to her on the sofa, putting her arm around the girl and giving her a warm cuddle.

“Shhh, it’s okay sweetie.”

Sophie looked up at the bedroom door where Martin was and wondered if he would still be hard by the time she got back – this definitely wasn’t looking like a quick visit.


Against his better judgement, Martin had become engrossed in Sophie’s book. He never realised his wife read such pervy books! He turned the book over and looked at the cover again. It looked innocent enough.. Black Swan – Erotic Fiction for Women. He turned back and continued to read.

‘Jasmine knelt before her master, her head bowed. Moving closer he placed his hand on her head, twisted it in her hair and pulled her head back. As her mouth opened she felt his huge cock pushed between her lips until her nose was pressed against his flat, toned stomach and his balls were squashed against her chin. Then he fucked her mouth, Jasmine gasping for breath between each thrust of his throbbing stalk until finally he pulled her head close and emptied his balls into her throat. Jasmine swallowed quickly, terrified that he would punish her if she spilt a drop of his precious cum. He let go of her head and Jasmine fell backwards onto her back, her legs in disarray and her cunt exposed. He stood over her, his cock beginning to droop but still looking menacing…’

Martin had read worse things, but this was obviously a favourite of Sophie’s. The pages were so worn, she must have read it hundreds of times. He carried on reading, the settings were a bit unbelievable in many of the scenarios, but time and time again the same theme emerged throughout the book – women being forced to fuck, despite their obvious reluctance.

– – –

After a while Chris calmed down and began to talk.

“I don’t know what to do Soph, every time I get a boyfriend it just seems to go wrong. Ian was great until I had sex with him… and it was shit, I know it was but surely he should have given it another go? I must be the worst shag ever!”

Tears rolled down her cheeks again as she continued.

“And now I’ve met this guy Ray… and I know were going to have sex soon and I just know it’s going to be awful.”

Sophie held the girl close for a few moments before she spoke, her pussy was still wet and she was dying to slip her fingers inside her dressing gown and bring herself off. Sophie had long had a bit of a crush on her young friend, but had tried to ignore it, after all she’d just got married and the girl was like a sister to her.

“Maybe you just need to relax a bit. Maybe you’re just too tense and nervous and that’s why it all goes wrong?”


Sophie kissed the girl on the cheek and felt an unexpected rush. Her head pounded for a minute as she felt a fresh wave of juices between her legs.

“Maybe you should try and get comfortable with your body…” she said slowly, trying to give her brain time to work out each new line as she spoke.

“…anyway, look at you, your clothes are still soaked. Look here’s Martin’s dressing gown why don’t you get your wet clothes off and put that on, he won’t mind.”

“No, it’s fine, honest…”

“C’mon, let me help you.”

Sophie began rolling Chris’s T-shirt up and pulling it over her head. After a slight reluctance the girl co-operated and lifted her arms up. Underneath her T-shirt, a small white bra covered her youthful breasts. Sophie shivered as she wondered how far this might go…

“And your jeans.”

Chris stood up and peeled down her jeans, falling back on the sofa and allowing Sophie to pull them off her legs.

“Right, now I’m going to put these in the drier and then I’m going to come back with a nice bottle of Vodka and we’ll see if we can’t sort you out.”

Chris smiled shyly as she slipped into Martin’s huge dressing gown, it smelled of his aftershave and felt very comfortable and cosy.

Sophie was soon back with the bottle and two shot glasses. She put them on the glass coffee table and the two girls started to drink.

– – –

Upstairs, Martin was nearly at the end of the book.

‘Jasmine lay across the bench, her wrists tied behind her back. The lines were still visible where her Master had caned her ass and now he stood behind her, his massive prick sticking straight out. Jasmine begged to be released but the Master would have none of it. He moved closer and spread the girl’s cheeks wide open with his large, rough hands, exposing her tight pink hole. He leaned forward and spat a huge gob of saliva onto it and then pushed the head of his cock into the crack. Jasmine made a harsh, guttural noise as she felt him push inch by inch into her tight ass.’

“Fuck me, this I great stuff!” Muttered Martin to himself. His cock was still semi-hard and this book had given him a whole host of new ideas

‘Jasmine felt her asshole stretched to the extreme and clenched her teeth as her Master began to fuck her harder. Soon his cock was pistonning into her butt, harder and harder, until he grunted loudly and pulled his cock out and sprayed his load across her ass and back…’

Martin put the book down and lay back against the headboard, wondering if maybe it was his nice-guy attitude which was preventing him from getting what he really wanted from his wife?

He finished the book and put it back on Sophie’s bedside table, before swinging himself off the bed and peering around the edge of the bedroom door – careful not to let himself be seen.

Downstairs, Sophie and Chris were halfway down the bottle. They were huddled together on the sofa and Sophie’s hand had somehow managed to find its way into Chris’s (actually Martin’s) dressing gown. She was gently stroking the younger girl’s  leg as they spoke.

“I think you’re too tense. You get in a state about it and then it all goes wrong.”

Chris nodded in resigned agreement.

“Look… I know, why don’t you pretend I’m Ray… and just relax… okay?”

Chris let out a drunken giggle as she curled up on Sophie’s shoulder.


Sophie slowly moved her hand higher up her friend’s leg and then around her side, giving her butt a gentle squeeze. Chris flinched slightly and then was still again.

“That’s it, just relax.”

Sophie kissed the girl’s forehead and then continued moving her hand up the girl’s back. She found her bra and began to undo it. Chris mumbled something and moved away a little.

“It’s okay Chrissy, Ray’s gonna want to do this isn’t he?”

“I guess…” said Chris leaning in again.

“That’s it.”

Sophie undid the bra and then slowly moved her hand around to the front of the girl’s lean body, gradually she moved upwards under the loose cups and gently stroked Chris’s left nipple. Chris sighed and then visibly tensed.

“We… we shouldn’t be doing this… this is…. not right,” slurred the 18 year old.

“Shh, Chrissy… we’re only doing this to help you. It doesn’t mean anything… and you don’t want to mess things up with Ray, do you?”

“No… I guess.”

“You can touch me too if you want,” whispered Sophie.

She took Chris’s hand and placed it inside her own dressing gown, pushing it gently upwards until the girl’s fingers touched her own breast. Sophie sighed as she felt the touch and kissed Chris’s head again.

“That’s not so bad, is it?”


Sophie leaned forward a little and started to kiss Chris’s face. First her forehead, then her nose and cheeks and then finally her lips.

Both their dressing gowns were falling open now as they continued to kiss and stroke each other, soon Chris was returning Sophie’s kisses and Sophie decided to move her hand lower again. She quickly found Chris’s knickers and gently rubbed her fingers over the girl’s mound. Her leg was in the way and she couldn’t get down very far but she stayed there for a few moments allowing the girl to get comfortable. Her own pussy was completely sodden, she could practically feel it dripping out of her, but she knew that she musn’t go too far too fast.

Eventually Sophie gently pushed Chris’s leg out of the way, exposing her damp white panties. Sophie moved slowly, gently rubbing the girl’s pussy through the thin, wet cotton. Then she pushed the cloth to one side and carefully stroked Chris’s lips.

Chris started to panic, but Sophie kissed her firmly on the lips and it seemed to work as the teenager relaxed as Sophie’s fingers gently pushed inside.

Behind the bedroom door Martin’s eyes were popping out of his head and his cock was like a telegraph pole. He realised now that he could probably move out onto the balcony a little and they wouldn’t notice him. He had to try and get a better look at this. After all it was obvious what they were doing, but he couldn’t really see anything.

He held his breath as he opened the door a touch, praying to God that it wouldn’t creak and give him away. It didn’t and he crouched down low on the balcony, peering through the stair rods at the scene below.

Now Sophie was becoming impatient and as she rubbed Chris’s pussy with her right hand she used her left to push the other girl’s fingers down towards her own aching cunt. Chris was hesitant at first, but soon the girls were rubbing and kissing as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Both girls were getting hot from the fire, the drink and each other and Sophie started to push he dressing gown from Chris’s shoulders. Chris protested slightly, but was quieted by the sight of Sophie’s fleshy tits as she shrugged her own gown away.

Sensing that the younger girl was aroused by the sight of her body, Sophie leaned over the girl and told the girl to ‘Suck them!’.

Chris did as she was told and began to lick and suck on each nipple in turn. While she did that Sophie was using her fingers on herself, bringing herself closer and closer to her first orgasm, but keeping it well under control at the same time.

Sophie then slid to the floor, kneeling between Chris’s legs and kissing the girl’s thighs. She moved to the insides and then put her hands between them and pushed them wide open. Her hands then moved to the only thing that stood between her and her friend’s pussy. She gently pulled the knickers aside and caressed Chris’s slippery hole with her tongue. She used her right hand fingers to probe her friend’s slit and her left to work on her own clit.


Martin had crept along the balcony and was now at the top of the stairs. Here he hid behind a pillar, hoping that he couldn’t be seen. Thankfully his wife was facing away from him here and Chris’s eyes were closed. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and now he was even more surprised to see his wife reaching behind her to the coffee table and snatching a medium sized white candle from its holder.

Sophie rubbed the candle tip against her own pussy lips, it was so smooth it just glided inside her body. Her juices ran down the candle, coating her fingers as she sat down on it. Chris was unaware of this because Sophie never missed a beat as she worked on the younger girl’s clit, but soon the candle was in her hand and the tip pressed against Chris’s tight hole.

The candle, still slick with Sophie’s juices slid easily into place and Chris groaned as she felt her cunt stretched by the candle. It was maybe an inch and a half in diameter, a little bigger than most normal cocks and the effect was dramatic. Chris pushed against the candle trying to force it deeper into her tight hole, while Sophie attended to her clit with her tireless tongue.

After a few minutes, Sophie pulled the candle out and dragged Chris down onto the floor. They kissed again and Chris tasted her scent on her older friend’s lips, while their legs entwined and their fingers wiggled in and around each other’s pussies.

Hidden by the coffee table, Martin was now at the foot of the stairs and crouching behind a chair, watching silently and gently stroking his throbbing cock. He wasn’t going to forget this show in a hurry.

Sophie told Chris to get back on the sofa and lean over the back. She willingly obeyed her friend and Sophie moved behind her with the candle, feeding it back into her sopping hole. Then she turned and looked straight at Martin with her finger across her lips, while her other hand started pumping the candle in and out of her wet slit. Martin realising he was rumbled, stood up and quietly moved closer.

Chris still didn’t realise he was there even when he was standing right behind her. Sophie curled her fingers around her husband’s cock and started pumping it gently with her free hand. She was so turned on she could feel her juice dripping down the inside of her thighs.

“Is that good Chrissy? You like that in your hot little cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes…” moaned Chris, her legs trembling as the candle stretched her hole, the underside teasing her clit with every stroke.

“But it’s not as good as a real cock is it… you’d like a real cock up you now wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I want a real cock…”

Sophie began teasing her with the candle, withdrawing it until only an inch was left inside and then plunging it deep inside her again.

“Beg me for it… show me what a naughty little slut you are and beg me for a real cock!”

“Oh, please… please give it to me!”

“You want it?”


The candle plunged in again and then pulled out.

“You’re sure you want it?”

“YES!,” she moaned.

Sophie pulled the candle away and shoved her husband behind the younger girl, he pressed the tip of his cock at her entrance and before she fully realised what had happened Martin had sunk his cock deep into her cunt. Chris panicked as she felt her body invaded by a real cock but Sophie grabbed her and held her tight, kissing her face and neck and reaching underneath her to rub her clit. Over and over she repeated ‘It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s Martin,” until the girl relaxed and pushed back against the thick cock inside her.

Despite the candle stretching her pussy out beforehand, Martin had been on the verge for so long now that he only managed a couple of minutes before he was getting close. He glanced down at his wife, who smiled at him and mouthed the words ‘do it’. He slammed into Chris hard and felt his cock swell past the point of no return and grunted loudly as he pumped her full of his spunk.

The two girls collapsed on the sofa while Martin stood looking down at them, his cock still half-hard, sticky with a mixture of cum and pussy juice. Standing there having just fucked his wife’s 18 year old friend he felt an overwhelming confidence he’d never felt before.

“Well, what a dirty little pair of sluts I’ve found myself,” he barked, causing Chris’s pale face to redden.

He pointed at his wife.

“You, come here.”

Slightly startled by this unusual outburst for her normally placid husband, Sophie obediently rose from the sofa and moved towards him. She didn’t look particularly scared, but Chris did. Martin sensed this and sought to re-assure her.

“Don’t you worry Chrissy, I know who’s responsible for all of this… getting you drunk and taking advantage of you.”

He glowered at his wife and then pushed her to her knees, just like the man in the book he grabbed her hair and used it to hold her head back, then fed his half-hard cock between her lips.

“You can stop sucking when it’s hard, do you understand?”

Sophie nodded her head gently and sucked hard on her husband’s shaft, it was already getting harder.

“As for you little girl, I never knew you were such a horny little tart.”

Chris’s face was redder than ever.

“But there’s no shame in that, after all you’re only a kid, not old enough to know better like this one.”

He pointed disparagingly at his cock sucking wife.

“I realise now that I’ve been far too gentle with her in the past, well that’ll all change now. She had her chance before, but now it’s too late.”

Martin noticed how hard Sophie was sucking his cock, this was really getting her worked up! He pulled her head away from his cock, it was 95% hard now.

“That’ll do,” he spat.

He pushed her back to the sofa and laid her over the back, just as Chris had been earlier. Her arse looked so fucking inviting, sticking up like that and he decided that before he fucked her he would spank her.

He moved to one side and put his hand on the back of her neck to hold her still (another move he’d picked up from her bedside reading matter). His arm raised and he slammed it down onto her left cheek.

“Owwwww!” Shrieked Sophie as the burn spread through her ass cheek.

“Be quiet slut. You will get no more than you deserve.”

Recognising the line from her favourite book, Sophie realised what had might have occurred while Martin had been left to his own devices upstairs and dropped her head as the juices flowed to her cunt once more. She had never been spoken to like that before and although she had fantasized about it she never really appreciated just how much it turned her on to hear it. Martin dealt out another half dozen stinging slaps, until Sophie’s backside was even redder than Chris’s face.

Then he stood directly behind her and rubbed the tip of his cock up the crack of his wife’s luscious arse. He could feel the heat radiating from the skin on either side and placed his hands on her cheeks, prising them apart to expose her tight little hole. His cock fell between the cheeks and brushed over her puckered opening causing a gasp to escape his wife’s mouth. His cock dropped lower and slid easily inside her soaking cunt.

“Fuck me… please!” Whimpered Sophie.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you alright,” chuckled her husband.

He motioned to Chris to come closer. When she stood right next to him he kissed her on the lips and reached between her thighs, his fingers sliding between her lips and deep inside her.

“And as I’m in such a good mood, I’m going to allow you a little lubrication.”

He pulled his fingers from Chris’s sticky hole and worked the mixture of juices into his wife’s asshole.

“No, Martin… please! I’m not ready!”

A further volley of slaps to her ass silenced her.

“You’ll never be ready, I see that now… you had your chance, now we do it my way.”

Martin’s index and middle fingers forced their way into Sophie’s ass, opening and stretching her out to make room for his thick, hard length. He had never been so hard in his life.

He looked at Chris, who was still standing next to him.

“Sit down there, on the sofa, and spread your legs. I want to see you fuck yourself with that candle while I fuck this slut’s ass.”

Sophie was shaking with nervous anticipation now, she looked to the side and saw her young friend lay back on the sofa and feed the candle into her slick cunt.

Now Martin had a better idea, he put his arms around Sophie’s waist and lifted her off the sofa. She felt his iron hard stalk crushed against her burning cheeks and wondered if she was going to be able to take him in her ass. He lowered her down onto her knees on the floor between Chris’s thighs and pushed her head down.

“Well slut, don’t you want to see if you can make your pretty friend cum?”

Sophie eagerly began to lap at Chris’s clit, taking control of the candle and driving it home repeatedly.

Martin knelt on the floor behind his wife and slowly started to feed his aching rod into his wife’s tight asshole. It was tight as hell, be he wasn’t giving up. His own face reddened with the effort of forcing it inside her and he vented his frustration by occasionally slapping his wife’s already crimson ass cheeks.

As Sophie licked her friend’s delicious cunt, she used her free hand on her own clit, helping her to overcome the intense sensation as Martin pushed deeper and deeper inside her. Now and again she grunted as she felt her ass being stretched to the limit, but she maintained her rhythm and was soon rewarded as she felt her friend start to tremble and shake as her pussy started to convulse around the wax cock inside her.

For her part, Sophie was merciless, pushing the candle deeper and deeper as Chris writhed in ecstacy below her. Eventually she collapsed back completely onto the sofa, panting as she recovered from what was certainly the hardest orgasm she’d ever had.

Sophie pulled the candle out of her friend’s dripping cunt and reached back and slid it inside her own sodden hole. Now she was being double fucked and fulfilling one of her strongest fantasies. She angled the candle for maximum contact on her clit and bit into the sofa cushions as Martin battered her ass harder and faster as his second orgasm approached.

Finally she felt the tell tale signs and her body started to buck as her climax began. As she tightened up, she tipped Martin over the edge and he unleashed his second load of the afternoon, this time into his wife’s tight, hot ass.

As he milked the last drops of cum from his wilting cock he looked down at the two women through his tired eyes, he knew things would never be the same again and he relished this chance to push his wife to previously unknown levels of perversion. Her book had certainly stoked a fire inside him and maybe he’d get to fuck little Chrissy again too! 

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