We had a fantastic week with 29 and his fiancee along with 24 in Charleston. 29 insisted on hosting Thanksgiving with his fiance in their new home.

There was little time for kinky while there. But that’s okay as spending time with our boys and future daughter-in-law was our focus.

However, MrsL did come to bed last night in a playful teasing mood. She woke me up stroking her cock. She even went down for a little licking and sucking before kissing up my body and latching on to the closest nipple. She sucked, nibbled, then outright chewed on the nipple while continuing to stroke me. When I went to take off my cpap mask she stopped torturing my nipple long enough to tell me not to as she was the only one playing. She edged me four or five times pausing only seconds before going back to stroking. The last time I spit out “close” through the mask she stopped everything, whispered “sweet dreams” in my ear, then rolled over and went to sleep. Awesome!

We had such a great time that I haven’t finished the new story. I’m editing part 2 today and hope to have it posted later.

By the way, thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. While I write this for me it is always fun to have people reading.

Great Week