I was recently interviewed by the sleek and handsome website, SimplySxy.  They have some amazing articles on a wide range of topics regarding sexuality, BDSM and other kink related subjects.  When they approached Me about doing an interview on My thoughts and experiences regarding Gender Play I was very excited to do so.

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In the interview I give a little background on Myself and how I came to like Gender Play.  However, the second question I was asked was “What is Gender Play?” and for those that don’t know, here is the beginning of My answer:  “It’s a broad spectrum form of play and it just keeps getting broader with our exposure to non-traditional gender identities like non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, etc.  Regarding My gender play, which is almost exclusively with men, it’s about taking them out of the confines of their born gender –  what they are programmed to feel and believe about themselves, and how they identify with their gender.”

To read the full interview and explore their valuable site, visit SimplySxy and follow them on Twitter at @SimplySxy.

Interview on Gender Play

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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