Mistress and I had a great day out yesterday, although it was a little warm for our liking – especially by the lake/gardens we were visiting. On the way home Mistress said she hoped I wouldn’t be too tired to worship her pussy later… at that moment I was pretty tired and the sun was beating in through the car window onto my arm, but needless to say after a shower I felt a LOT better and I soon found myself in my ‘happy place’, between Mistress’ gorgeous thighs.

Mistress came very hard and after I had thoroughly worshipped her beautiful feet, all the time hoping that I might be allowed to lick my cum off them in the not too distant future, Mistress got me hard and started stroking my cock as we kissed. I was just about to ask for permission to worship Mistress’ gorgeous ass, when she got up and straddled me, her fingers still pumping my cock.
She made me beg to worship her asshole, then sank down onto my face, my tongue eager to taste her. God it felt amazing, and my cock was hard as a rock. My only worry was not getting too carried away because I did not want to have to tell Mistress I was getting close. Thankfully I somehow managed to find inner calm and kept my poor denied cock under control. Not so easy when you haven’t had an orgasm for 59 days and you love eating your Mistress’ ass as much as I do.
Eventually Mistress climbed off and switched to her new favourite trick, jerking my meat with her very long (natural) nails. I fucking love it; it hurts, but it’s not so painful that it’s too much. But in the last week or so Mistress has added a new trick to her repertoire, slapping my balls while she’s sucking my cock. So amazing… would be incredible to cum like that, spurting into her mouth as she slapped the cum out of my balls… 
But alas, no orgasm for me. Mistress brought me to the edge and stopped, then continued toying with me for several minutes. I mean, given a choice between worshipping Mistress’ ass and an orgasm I would always choose the former anyway, so I can’t ‘complain’. Not that I am, because frankly I love being in this state of denial and having her tease my aching cock with no release.
But I really would love to lick my cum off her feet again… 

More Awesome Ass Worship and Another New Trick!

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