The punishment he deserved.
The punishment he deserved.

Masturbation Month 2023 May 22nd – (Link to Part One)

There weren’t many dishes, and Frank didn’t linger in the kitchen. He wiped down the table and counters one more time, took a deep breath, and headed to the bedroom. His fear of what was waiting for him equaled his anticipation. He was familiar with this push-pull thing. He wanted the beating; he’d asked for the punishment. But he feared it, too. Mixing pleasure with pain was a challenge. A delicious challenge that had offered some profoundly thrilling rewards in the past. That was why he asked for it occasionally.

Frank didn’t think he could handle getting beaten every night for any length of time, like he was getting fucked; the experience was too intense. But the idea of a firm spanking every night before bed had some appeal. He read about couples who did nightly spankings. There was a part of him that wanted to explore that with Cynthia. Maybe that could be their next adventure.

With these thoughts scampering through his mind, Frank came into the bedroom, his apron brushing against his caged cock as he walked.

Cynthia sat on the corner of the bed, still wearing her deep pink robe. Just to her right lay a collection of things on a towel. Some were for impact play, but he also saw the vibrating plug. Then there were some things he couldn’t see under a towel. He loved surprises, but in this moment, it added to his fear.

“Are you ready for the punishment you earned with your bad behavior?” A smile tugged at the corner of Cynthia’s mouth.

“Yes Ma’am, I am.” Frank sounded resigned. He was trying to play the part.

Before he approached the bed, she stopped him with her words.

“On your knees, Frank.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He dropped to his knees on the wooden floor and hoped he wouldn’t have to hold that pose for too long.

“Tell me what you did wrong.”

“I wore your blue silky panties without asking for permission. Then after I got home and you told me to put on my new apron, I left your panties on the floor of the bathroom. I disrespected them, Ma’am.”

“That’s right. Take off your apron and set it on the dresser.” Frank untied the bow in back, slipped the apron over his head and folded it carefully, placing it on the dresser. Cynthia beckoned to him wordlessly.

“Over my lap.” She said simply.

“Yes Ma’am.” Frank carefully laid himself over Cynthia’s lap, his feet on the floor and the upper half of him on the bed. She spread her legs a bit to accommodate his cage without a word between them. He felt a rush of fight or flight and worked to stay calm. He had asked for the punishment, after all.

Cynthia caressed Frank’s smooth ass cheeks. There was something so intimate and sexy about spanking his naked ass over her lap with her bare hand. Flesh connecting with flesh, feeling everything. She began spanking him, alternating one cheek and then the other. Her rhythm was slow and constant, creating the anticipation of each stroke. Soon Frank’s ass was a rosy color, and he was making little moans with each stroke.

Cynthia spread her attention over both cheeks equally, spending most of the time on the sweet spots. She remembered how Frank was surprised to learn that where his legs met the bottom of his butt cheeks was the most sensitive area. She spanked more there than any other part of his ass, enjoying herself.

Finally, Cynthia gave him a break and softly rubbed her hand over the hot flesh. Now things were going to get interesting. She lubed up the vibrating plug and pushed it into Frank firmly, not giving him any time to open.

“Open up, slutty boy who steals panties!” She sounded so stern and uncompromising. In complete control.

The slight soreness of his well-fucked ass combined with such quick penetration caused him to yelp a bit.

“Oh! Yes, Ma’am!”

Cynthia wasn’t messing around. Though it smarted a bit going in, the presence of the plug inside him was a welcome distraction from the hot stinging of his butt cheeks. The fourth night in a row of Frank getting his ass fucked had kind of begun, he thought with a smile. Penetrated, at least!

He stopped smiling when his spanking resumed. Cynthia used her hand for a bit, and then switched to a leather paddle. Frank’s moans increased in volume a little. The paddle covered more territory and had a sting to it. It was leather on one side and soft fur on the other. She used the leather side, and kept the same slow, relentless rhythm until Frank began squirming and making little gasps. Cynthia picked up the remote for Frank’s plug without missing a beat and turned it on.

Instead of giving Frank a break, she gave him the vibes, and continued punishing his ass with the paddle.

Frank had been waiting for those vibes ever since Cynthia pushed the plug inside him. But he was so focused on the moment that when they finally happened, the vibes came as a thrilling surprise.

“Ohhhhhhh!” The sound he made was long, drawn out, and had a tortured quality to it. Cynthia laughed and paddled his ass even harder, because she knew that with the vibrations distracted him with pleasure, and he could take more pain.

The paddle came down hard on one cheek, and then the other, endlessly. Cynthia played with the vibration patterns and intensity as she paddled. Frank moaned loudly and squirmed again.

“Be still, panty boy!” Her words left no room for refusal.

Frank did his best to stay still, but the punishment of his ass just never stopped, yet the plug play that Cynthia was masterfully dishing out was wonderful. His wires were crossed in the best possible way, and everything was fuck-all sensitive. Intensity. The anticipation of the paddle heightened its effect. The slow strokes were quite regular and dependable. The only part that changed was where that paddle was going to land. Both Frank’s ass and his emotions felt raw.

At the same time, and this is the part that always blew Frank’s mind, his cock was raging hard against its cage and talking to him loudly about wanting to be released. That certainly wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. All of Cynthia’s attentions combined to turn him on like nobody’s business. The punishment was definitely eclipsed by his arousal.

Cynthia turned off the plug and stopped paddling. Dropping the paddle and remote, she placed both hands flat on Frank’s tortured cheeks. She murmured soothing sounds as Frank’s breathing slowed. Then she picked up the paddle, turned it to the soft furry side, and spent some time caressing his sore ass with the fur. Some aftercare was in order before proceeding with her other plans.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Frank appreciated the pause, and the attention to his sore ass. He’d begun to feel a bit frantic right before she stopped. The soft fur was delightfully consoling. He concentrated on that sensation, and took deep breaths.

Cynthia pulled back the towel and uncovered the toy she’d been hiding. This was the real surprise, not just the apron. The punishment was over. Now Frank’s fucking could begin.

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The Punishment Frank Wanted Arrives

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