View of Brasov SignOne year ago today, I stepped off a plane in Amsterdam and embarked on an adventure.  Within a week I was in My new home country, Romania. It was exciting but also sad.  I was leaving so many people behind that I cared for deeply and although I knew I would see them again, it was certain to never be the same.  In addition, I had liquidated almost everything to downsize for the move.  That was no small feat – just ask the subs that helped.  FemDom Mansion alone took a herculean effort to dismantle.  I had such a wonderful collection of gear, but I learned from a previous adventure not to put anything in storage.  If you can live without something for a year, you didn’t need it.

And so it began, and one year later I do not regret it.  Today, on the one year anniversary, I spent a good bit of time dealing with the immigration process – again.  So, yes,  I am staying another year.  It’s hard to explain how it feels here . . .  relaxed, safe, away from the insanity that the USA had become and I am living My best life for where I am now.  I’ve visited Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria so far.  No, I haven’t learned Romanian yet.  In all honesty I haven’t tried, but now I that I know I will be here at least another year, I am going to make a better effort.  We shall see.

Additionally I am exploring the world of kink in Europe.  I’ve attended the FemDom Summit in Bucharest, visited the House of Sinn, collaborated with Ezada Sinn and next week I head to London again for the FemDom Ball.  Next year an event in Portugal is on My radar along with the German Fetish Weekend in Berlin and I plan to continue to spend time at the House of Sinn and get to know more of the visiting Mistresses there.

So life is good and everyday I walk outside to see a fairytale city where the people are friendly, the food is fresh, and the next adventure is just around the corner.  What more can a person ask for?

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One year of adventure.

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