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Special COVID edition by slaveboy.

W/we are firmly in the grips of a COVID-era and my slave training now occurs long distance, yet Mistress Ayn is still very powerfully in control.  It would be easy to become negative and lament not having a forthcoming scheduled weekend at the FemDom Mansion – as would “regularly” occur – but W/we are not living in “regular times” these days.  Alternatively, there are daily activities that remind me of my status as Mistress Ayn’s slaveboy, in chastity and collared, such as my morning walks.  During the walk i focus on how many things Mistress Ayn has introduced to establish Her daily presence in my life.

While wanting to “try out” a chastity cage was my idea, i did ask Mistress Ayn to be my Keyholder.  But, She introduced the terrifying word – “indefinite” – into chastity wearing and now i am in chastity indefinitely.  She also ordered me to purchase a pink cage, then a pink with gold sparkles cage, and now a smaller black cage for those special “formal” occasions.

While dressing as a sissy was fun and humiliating at the FDM, Mistress Ayn ordered me to wear panties every day, and i am, and it is amazing.

Obviously it was Mistress’s idea to pierce my nipples.  It is incredible and does remind me, in yet another way, that i am Her slaveboy … indefinitely .. and, of course, the posts are pink.

i began daily morning walk, mostly for physical health reasons, yet Mistress Ayn challenged me to extend the route, which i have.  She also ordered me to insert the Hush during these walks, which i have.

In addition to all those ways Mistress Ayn is with me every single day as my Mistress, i never know when i might get an email from Her with orders.  i check my “slaveboy” email account twice a day – at least – hoping (and dreading) for an email from my Mistress, never knowing what She will command me to do.

Will i be allowed to unlock Her chastity cage?  Will i receive sexual relief to the daily frustration of indefinite chastity?   Will it be a ruined orgasm, or full orgasm, but always, if there is discharge, to consume every drop.

In this COVID-era being Mistress Ayn’s owned, chaste slave is not something that occurs – with, admittedly, a big bang – every few months at the FDM.  Rather it is a combination of multiple daily experiences to keep me focused in my role as Her slaveboy, to remind me of my devotion and commitment to Mistress Ayn in doing whatever She asks of me (that really could be very scary).

It is indeed amazing to recall how truly talented Mistress Ayn is as a Mistress, Keyholder and Owner and how terribly fortunate (not lucky! as She has taught me) i am to be Her slaveboy.


Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – COVID special edition

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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