Things new submissive men should probably know, part something or other

I keep seeing newbie submissive guys ask whether dominant women prefer men who are totally submissive to everyone in every part of their lives (doormats) or “alphas” who are super duper dominant in everyday life and wouldn’t dream of even considering submitting to any woman who hasn’t bested him in single combat. The answer to [...]

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lovin-da-curves:mistresseva-eroticaandmore:by bruce…

lovin-da-curves: mistresseva-eroticaandmore: by bruce colero Our Blogs…Curves in Color and White Erotic Images Source: Femdom Planet

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ohtobecontrolled:xrayeyesblue:Want to know more about me? Im…

ohtobecontrolled: xrayeyesblue: Want to know more about me? Im a 59 y/o bi submissive male slave owned by Mistress Jade and living in Boston, MA. Always interested in meeting and serving like-minded people in my area when Mistress consents. Check me out on FetLife: xrayeyesblue. Want to chat? Leave me a message me here or kik: [...]

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obedient-slutboy:haversackers:“I’m not going to touch it,…

obedient-slutboy: haversackers: “I’m not going to touch it, and neither are you…  I want you to forget it’s even there while you worship my breasts, my pussy and my ass…  Maybe after I’m sated, I’ll see if I can do something for you…  it won’t be much, but by that time, I suspect I’ll be [...]

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