Modest Letters of Love #F4T

The current theme at Food For Thought is “Love Letters” . . . Now, I’ve always enjoyed receiving flattery and gifts or presents . . . and still do. . . LOL !!! So I suppose it’s true to say that I am a “romantic” at heart. And although I don’t think I’ve ever specifically composed a “Love Letter” to Hubby, he’s often referred to my sharing with him the scribbled notes in my personal diary, as being the best letters of love and lust that he could ever have wished to receive. I’d begun noting coded entries in my diary when I began my earliest affair, just a few years into our marriage. Just short references to the when’s and where’s of [...]

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Morning mood on #throwbackthursday 😉 #redhair #pinup #glam…

Morning mood on #throwbackthursday 😉 #redhair #pinup #glam #curvy #natural #ginger #turntoRed Morning mood on #throwbackthursday 😉 #redhair #pinup #glam...

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After much thought, I have decided to shut down this blog.  I will keep my Twitter account up and running and will continue to read and follow my favorite blogs on here. I will also keep my email address to carry on those friendships and conversations.  I just will not be keeping this blog active. No, nothing has happened or changed between MrsL and me.  Yes, we are still living a Devotional Sex / part time enforced chastity lifestyle.  We just spent an awesome weekend together complete with going out drinking/dancing locked in her Steelheart. The primary reason I am shutting this down is I have decided to pursue a life long goal of becoming a published author of fantasy fiction.  I [...]

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Pour Me Another … February #PMAGW

February is a short month . . . and I already know from my appointments book, that it’s going to be even busier than ever. So I thought I would quickly add a Pour Me A Glass Members Update today whilst I have some spare moments. And this post is especially for Kevin who requested “more holiday nakedness” !!! And although it’s not out on the beach Kevin, it’s still from my lovely holiday last summer . . . and it’s definitely “naked fun” . . . so hopefully you will enjoy!!! So, once again, thank you so much for spoiling me here, and helping me keep my glass full, and I really do hope you will enjoy all of this month’s new [...]

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When the Sun comes Up

By Mrs. BdeniedA few weeks ago, I had gotten notice from one of my Alpha Buds he would be in town ...I could not make that one.  But he doesn't forget abut me!  Last week, I did get a few days notice he would be in town. Be there at 6AM.  Ok..where?  "Same place as last time".    Ok.  At least it IS in a  hotel, not grab a blow job in a many cameras around anymore, and we have really pushed it for years & gotten away with fucking and sucking in vehicles.   He does like to live dangerously, but we both are getting more cautious.The hotel in question may be listed as a 4 star hotel..but not in the best [...]

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OMG! I Wasn’t Expecting That…

As long term readers will know, being allowed to cum inside my Mistress's gorgeous pussy is a rare treat these days. How rare? Well, between April 2018 and March 2019 I waited 348 days... and until today I thought that record would be broken, but surprisingly it turned out I was wrong!We've had a bit of an 'off' week this week, Mistress's last orgasm was last Sunday and since then we really haven't done anything at all. We went to a gig on Wednesday and got home pretty late so Thursday we were tired and Friday we were just plain irritable, but finally today we manged to squeeze in some play time and it was fantastic.Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue [...]

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Set your Modesty . . . Ablaze !!!

Be who you really . . . really . . . want to be. Be who you really . . . really . . . are !!! For more Sinful Sunday sinners,smack the lips below !!! Xxx – K The post Set your Modesty . . . Ablaze !!! appeared first on Modesty Ablaze. Set your Modesty . . . Ablaze !!!

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Friday mood! 😉 #fridaymood #redhair #heels #louboutin #sheer…

Friday mood! 😉 #fridaymood #redhair #heels #louboutin #sheer #curvy #stockings #blacknails #ginger #turntoRed Friday mood! 😉 #fridaymood #redhair #heels #louboutin #sheer...

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6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity

Mistress T the Queen of Tease and Denial from Fucked In Chastity now showing 6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity or The Pleasures of Erotic Sexual Denial 1. Fidelity From Afar Chastity devices were originally designed to … Continue reading → The post 6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity appeared first on Mistress Sidonia's Femdom Blog. 6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity

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Modestly Cupped #KOTW

I know I’ve mentioned here many times before that there is only one gentleman whom I will switch for . . . Lover No. 14. And even then . . . only if I’m in the mood . . . and usually only for some of his lovely rope-work fun. But for one of our meetings he brought along some plastic “suction cuppers” in his toy bag. And I must admit that we had such fun with them that I’ve added them to my own sessioning implements, as they do leave such lovely marks! But . . . as I said . . . I only switch for one gentleman. So if you request them during a session be warned . . . [...]

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