redbottom48:“Say, ‘I’m a ‘little’ pink-pantied sissy boy, who…

redbottom48: “Say, ‘I’m a ‘little’ pink-pantied sissy boy, who needs to have his bare bottom smacked hard and be humiliated.’ Say it!” redbottom48: “Say, ‘I’m a ‘little’ pink-pantied sissy boy, who...

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It’s Friday, I’m in … my #shed! 😂🥂 #summervibes #redhead…

It’s Friday, I’m in … my #shed! 😂🥂 #summervibes #redhead #greatoutdoors #relax #summerdress #sunshine #curves #fridayfeeling #proseccooclock #bliss #ginger #turntoRed It’s Friday, I’m in … my #shed! 😂🥂 #summervibes #redhead...

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Modest Peaches #Boobday Friday

One of the things I do LOVE about summer, is nibbling . . . and sucking . . .on Peaches. Wouldn’t you agree ??? Well these peaches are actually called Doughnut Peaches . . . and you know how I occasionally like doughnuts don’t you !!! Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images [...]

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Modestly Wondering #wickedwednesday

Sometimes . . . just for a moment . . . I wonder if I would get bored if every day was just like this? Just for a moment !!! For more wondering moments at this week’s Wicked Wednesday,simply tap on the button below !!! Xxx- K The post Modestly Wondering #wickedwednesday appeared first on [...]

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When you make your full transition to a woman, will you keep your clitty and testicles or remove your testicles or have a real clitty? I wish I had your courage, I’ve only had my testicles removed. Love you girl you are an inspiration 💋🥰

I think I’ll keep them. Having a penis doesn’t make me any less of a woman. When I do eventually fully transition I’ll think it over again, but until then I’m gonna shave my clitty and make it as girly as possible! When you make your full transition to a woman, will you keep [...]

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sissyboyfordaddycaps: ts-ivydreams:tjames1122:myhornyplaygr…

sissyboyfordaddycaps: ts-ivydreams: tjames1122: myhornyplayground: openholes13: ask away Don’t be shy..😽 Ask Ask away What kind of bottom bitch do you like? sissyboyfordaddycaps: ts-ivydreams: tjames1122: myhornyplaygr...

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