Literotica Feedback for Two New Stories…

Over the weekend I posted two stories to Literotica, the first was 'Submitting to Mika' which I posted here last week and the other one was a shorter one called 'Anna's Cuckold' which I will be posting her in a couple of days or so (if you can't wait you can always visit my Literotica page - link at the bottom of the page). Both have already gathered a few comments and as always they are something of a mixed bag!Initial comments for 'Submitting to Mika':Anonymous said: Sad life for sad fucks!MrWideHorizons said: Glad to see your awesome work again!Anonymous said: Please update! (I presume he means, please continue...)Initial comments for 'Anna's Cuckold':Anonymous said: Wow! Sick, stupid and pathetic. One the cucks will enjoy [...]

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Trying to Manage My Modest Appointments #wickedwednesday

I used to assume that efficiently managing one’s life, would become easier with the passing of time. That I would become more organised and focussed in planning and arranging my day-to-day routines. But actually the opposite has been true as, certainly over the past few years, every week seems to race by quicker than the last. That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying that racing . . . in fact I’m having more fun now in my 50’s than I did in my 25’s . . . especially as my domme play-hobby is testing my time-management skills more and more. (And lots and lots of other “skills” as well!!!) But, consequently, my postings here at Wicked Wednesday have suffered over the past [...]

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FEMDOM SESSION: 19th January 2020

It has been six weeks since our last Femdom session, but it feels a lot longer than that. I guess that's at least partly because Christmas was in between and the first two weeks of January generally feel like at least a month on their own! But anyway, the good news is we had our session as planned and it was fantastic, so that's a good start to our year and hopefully we won't miss too many sessions out this year.Mistress told me to wear the red rubber blindfold and the Oxballs ball-stretcher and then allowed me to 'surprise her' with something else. I went for the ring ended dildo, and decided the best thing to do would be to put as little [...]

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Who Was the World’s First Dominatrix?

So who was the world’s first Prodom – Professional Dominatrix? Who I shall define here as a woman who had perfected her art, had her own chamber with specialist equipment and a generous clientele. Well the word ‘dominatrix’ was not … Continue reading → The post Who Was the World’s First Dominatrix? appeared first on Mistress Sidonia's Femdom Blog. Who Was the World’s First Dominatrix?

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A Special Treat For Thomas

This past weekend, my husband received a special treat. He was allowed to orgasm during sex with me. This is a rare occurrence for him. It might happen twice a year if he is lucky (and good!). He did not know it was going to happen until the very last second when I gave him permission. I could tell he prolonged his orgasm as much as possible and savored every second of it. I savored the moment too and it was amazing and wonderful. It is a very special and deeply intimate moment when two people in love orgasm together. It’s like you are touching each other’s souls and connecting on a deep emotional level. Perhaps I was tuned into that feeling because [...]

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Submitting to Mika (written January 2020)

  Mika’s hands closed around Tony’s head as she got closer and closer to orgasm… “Yesss, that’s it… right there, right there!” Her breathing quickened as her muscles tightened, Tony sensing that she was right on the edge. He applied a little more pressure with the tip of his tongue, flicking it back and forth over her engorged clit; it was surely only a matter of seconds now. “Gnnnnnaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Mika groaned as she felt herself reach the point of no return, her hands gripping tighter and her thighs crushing Tony’s head from the sides. Tony forged on, lapping at his Mistress’s clean shaven pussy with delight until she could take no more and pushed his head away. Almost immediately though she reached forward [...]

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Modestly Taking Stock #sinfulsunday

After my Throned post at Sinful Sunday last weekend, I received several emails asking just what my punishment for latecomers would be??? Well, it would start with a good caning in my stocks . . . of course!!! And there’s bound to be lots more punishments, or otherwise, dealt at this week’s Sinful Sunday. Just gently spank those lips below !!! Xxx – K The post Modestly Taking Stock #sinfulsunday appeared first on Modesty Ablaze. Modestly Taking Stock #sinfulsunday

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Bedtime Sex Has Two Big Advantages

Over the past few years, Mistress and I have gravitated towards early evening 'encounters'... primarily because we found that if you always wait until you are going to bed (to sleep) then there's a greater chance of being too tired or whatever. But the thing with this arrangement is that more often than not Mistress keeps her bra on because she knows she is getting up and dressed again (or maybe she just does it to cruelly deny me the sight of her gorgeous breasts...) either way, at bedtime Mistress will take her bra off because she knows she won't be getting up again and she'll be going to sleep after.So it was on Wednesday night, I was treated to the beautiful sight [...]

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In Blood Red ~ Pt5 Latex Glamour

In Blood Red Photographic Art Portraits of Dominatrixes The artist Ariel B turns her photographs into individual artworks. Currently she is pursuing a project producing portraits of prodoms and dominant women. Ariel explains, “Dommes are the perfect subjects – creative, … Continue reading → The post In Blood Red ~ Pt5 Latex Glamour appeared first on Mistress Sidonia's Femdom Blog. In Blood Red ~ Pt5 Latex Glamour

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It’s Friday … I’m in #Pucci ❤️ #fridaymood #smile…

It’s Friday … I’m in #Pucci ❤️ #fridaymood #smile #instasmile #curvygirl #cardi #hoopearrings #pearlywhites #ginger #turntoRed It’s Friday … I’m in #Pucci ❤️ #fridaymood #smile...

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