Modestly Because #Boobday Friday

I will try to start posting regularly again on Boobday Friday . . . because so many of you have asked so nicely. I do have lots of photos from “my beach” of course . . . and scrolling through them again brings back so many fun memories . . . and makes me wishI [...]

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Whatever Lola Wants: Mistress Lola Ruin

Mistress Lola Ruin: Whatever Lola Wants… Lola Gets Mistress Lola is beautiful, glamorous and ultra feminine this Lady is always immaculately dressed in the finest latex or exquisite lingerie and impossibly high heels. Mistress Lola Ruin will seduce you into … Continue reading → Whatever Lola Wants: Mistress Lola Ruin

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Doubles with Gianna Monticello October 29th

My kitty cat, Ms. Gianna Monticello is coming to Atlanta Dungeon for one day only – October 29th – and We are ready to play.  Gianna is a Switch so She is just as comfortable taking it as She is dishing it out.  Our Cougar and kitten sessions are legendary, so now is your opportunity [...]

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Don’t mind if I do, cheers!🍸 #gin #ginandtonic #bliss #ginoclock…

Don’t mind if I do, cheers!🍸 #gin #ginandtonic #bliss #ginoclock #portobelloroad #tipple #cheers Don’t mind if I do, cheers!🍸 #gin #ginandtonic #bliss #ginoclock...

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Navigating Same-Sex Attractions

Recently, I was asked to explain why I’d never act on my same-sex attractions. Surprisingly, I was excited to respond because it reminded me of beauty and truth of our Catholic faith and the joy I have come to know in pursuing a heart of virtue. Indeed, I was initially inspired to pursue chastity because of [...]

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Modestly Awkward Moments #wickedwednesday

I always try to be discreet during my Scavenger Hunt excursions . . . as it is never my wish to upset or cause offence. But, due to the very “public” nature of the locations we like to choose, we have occasionally found ourselves having to quickly re-robe and move on. Such as during our [...]

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Tuesday mood 😉 #tuesdaymotivation #redhair #selfie #pinup #glam…

Tuesday mood 😉 #tuesdaymotivation #redhair #selfie #pinup #glam #curvygirl #lace #ginger #turntoRed Tuesday mood 😉 #tuesdaymotivation #redhair #selfie #pinup #glam...

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LOCKtober started

As I have written about here many times, MrsL prefers more of a Devotional Sex (make sure you have a great malware software when visiting that site…it is not secure) lifestyle for us.  Her sexual awakening comes with an absolute love for playing with the penis.  Most of the time, she would rather not be bothered [...]

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Modestly Barbed #sinfulsunday

“We haven’t used this one before . . . I think it’s always fun to try somethingnew isn’t it!” I said. “But it look’s a bit brutal Mistress.” he replied. “We’ll take it slowly then” I told him. “I’m sure you’ll soon decide that you love it and be begging for more!!!” See who else [...]

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Pour Me Another Glass . . . #PMAGW

I mentioned in my October Newsletter that the previous weeks had been extremely busy . . . wonderfully so . . . and that meant I hadn’t been able to post here at my Modesty Ablaze pages quite so often. But I also said that the good news to come from all that busyness, would [...]

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