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I don’t normally wear much make-up whilst on holiday … in fact I don’t normally wear much of anything at all !!!

Modesty applying holiday lipstick 2

But when one is going out for an evening meal, I do like to add just a little … especially some lipstick of course!!!

Modesty applying lipstick in her holiday mirror 3

After all … one always wants each meal to be a memorable one don’t you think … especially the dessert! 

BoobDay is about celebration and support. ‘Boob’ is a term that is intended to be gender neutral and it includes the chests and breasts of all sorts of folks. BoobDay is not limited to cisgender women.
Basically, if you want to celebrate the beauty of boobs and join in with like-minded, body-positive, people who are embracing their curves or lack thereof, this is the link-up for you!

So … I urge you all to join-in by clicking on the new BoobDay badge below!

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Xxx – K

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Holiday Make-up #Boobday Friday

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