There are several great insights found in Evan’s profile, which I recently published in the profile pages of my blog.  One item that I’d like to mention is the sentence highlighted below in purple. 

How have things evolved or changed with you and as a couple in your WLM/FLR over time since starting the WLM/FLR? How does this compare to how you were prior to the WLM/FLR?

Worlds better. Instead of constantly complaining about what I wish I could have, I’ve learned to accept my role with joy and humility. Earlier, she would try to accommodate me by giving me what I thought I wanted, but eventually she figured out that what I really wanted was to be forced to do whatever *she* wanted.

This is a challenge for many couples new to WLM. Notice that there are two distinct issues embedded in Evan’s statement: 1) the wife catering solely to his submissive desires, and 2) the “what I thought I wanted” issue. So many guys think they know what they want when it comes to domination and submission, but really do not understand what exactly they want or need. It is quite a dilemma because when you think you know it all, it becomes very difficult to see the truth and change. The end result of not figuring out the right path, is that submission is unfulfilling to the husband (he’s constantly searching for the next “fix”) and the wife becomes tired and disengaged.

Evan is very fortunate that both he and his wife figured out that him serving her needs and desires is the true path to happiness and fulfillment in a WLM.


-Mz Kaylee


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