I liked Rain DeGrey’s recent post entitled – The secret of the dick. The secret in question is that dicks are not binary. It’s not true that hard equals horny and ready for action, while soft equals disinterested and ready for sleep. Dicks can be all sorts of different degrees of rigidity, and they may or may no correlate to mental state. The answer, for both men and women, is not to focus so much on the dick.

Personally when I’m playing I’ll go through all sorts of different states. Typically light sensation equals hard while more sharp overwhelming pain equals soft. But sometimes, deep in the zone, when it’s getting very intense and the domme leans in close to really hurt me – SPROING! The mind and body combination is a strange one. It’s good to try and understand oneself, but sometimes it’s better just to go with the flow and accept bodies can be unpredictable.

PenisTortureThis is Simone Kross (who looks to have stopped working as a pro-domme) and Deviant Kade shooting for the CBT and Ballbusting site. While the body may be unpredictable, I think what’s about to happen next in this shot is entirely predictable. From the look on Kade’s face, he certainly knows what is coming next.

Source: Femdom-Resource.com