Understanding The Levels

Level 1 This is a basic change in the household.  Your man has not relinquished control and in fact still makes the big decisions in the household.  He is starting to learn and place a higher value on the things you do and becomes a better contributor to your household.  Ultimately, you really have no control over him whatsoever, but he is more respectful to your needs. If his needs or wants super cedes yours, he will of course does what he wants to do.  This is really where the overwhelming majority of marriages are, and probably why the divorce rate is where it is.   This is not a femdom marriage.  This is a "vanilla" marriage. The woman is generally not [...]

Male Chastity – Level 1

As a woman contemplating this new dynamic in your relationship, you must understand that the single most important component to making this work to your advantage is having your male put in a chastity device. Men will cheat and masturbate behind your back, and the honor system will not work.  If you want to give this lifestyle a try, you need to put him chastity.  Period.  The length of time for you between orgasms for him is entirely up to the two of you.  You will read varying opinions on this subject but the only right answer is what works for you and your partner. Having your male in chastity does not mean no sex in between release dates.  It simply means no [...]

After The Chores Are Done

Always a good idea to make your partner clean the house and when he is done to service you orally.  Go ahead and finish other tasks.  This makes it hotter for your man if you show disinterest in his work by doing something else, and ignoring him.   If he asks you how he is doing, tell him to shut up, and get back to work.

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Sweethearts ;) Source: Anal TrainingSweethearts ;) #femdomhypnosis