slutgurl13: handy guide for us sissies Much of it is new to…

slutgurl13: handy guide for us sissies Much of it is new to me, but I’m sure some of my followers will want to study this carefully. Source: Boss Ms Becky

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wifeneedsmore: cuckoldselection: When the lover fucks your…

wifeneedsmore: cuckoldselection: When the lover fucks your wife she cums in 30 seconds. When you fuck your wife it is you that cums in 30 seconds. Unfortunately for me (and her) this is largely true. Our sex life has always been pretty short and one-sided pleasure wise. I still can’t quite believe that my wife “cums so hard” with other guys but I’ve not even once made her cum during sex with me. I can’t even pretend that one certain guy is a sex god because she’s apparently been fucked to orgasm by 2 different guys this year. It’s clearly me that was holding her back from cumming all these years. Pretty hard for me to tell her she doesn’t deserve to orgasm [...]

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Bafflingly enough, some people say they “don’t believe in” blocking or banning people. I don’t understand that even a little bit. Why on earth would any random person have a right to my time and attention? My time belongs to me, not you. I am not a charity for poorly socialized assholes, and even if you’re not a jerk, I still don’t owe you shit. Not an argument (even I occasionally remember that being invited to an argument doesn’t mean I’m obligated to attend), not an explanation, not a slowly and painfully spoonfed lesson on why no dominant woman seems to want to give your sorry ass the time of day. I do enjoy feeling helpful and I think it’s important to encourage submissive men who [...]

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Things I Am NOT Saying About Professional Dominants

As a follow up to my last post on the subject of dominatrices VS non-professionals, I’ve also been trying to share more of other people’s writings on the subject and make this more of a conversation, including on twitter. And of course I’m getting pushback because people think I dislike or don’t believe in professional dominants. This happens every time you try to talk about the pro/non-pro distinction, so I’m going to try to make a definitive response to the subject right here. Professionals are not fake. Please stop writing to tell me about how they are also all “lifestyle” and real and put their heart and soul into the job. This is not about bashing pros, it’s about making a distinction, and [...]