Saturday saw my latest period of chastity ended, with 66 days of cum unloaded on my beautiful Mistress’s gorgeous feet. Oh yes, it’s been sooooooooo long since I got to cum on Mistress’s sexy feet – like September 2021 long! I could not wait after Mistress hinted she might let me cum this weekend and then asked where I would like to be allowed to cum last week…

But first Mistress had a pretty explosive orgasm with my tongue on her clit and my finger teasing her ass. She came super hard, which I really loved – of course. Then she got me hard – I was a little slow, being a bit hot, but she got me there eventually and soon she was standing over me again and making me beg to worship her delicious asshole. I really LOVE how much ass worship I’m being granted at the moment and it certainly did the trick – my cock was rock hard as Mistress slapped my balls and pumped me as my tongue teased her ass…. so fucking HOT!

After a few rounds of this Mistress climbed off me and closed her mouth around my cock, slapping my balls as she sucked me, this is so awesome – I love it. Then she sat up, still pumping my cock, and asked me again if I wanted to cum on her feet. There was no way I was changing my mind after waiting 20 months!

Mistress pumped my cock a few more times and then told me to take over. I quickly got up on my knees and turned round as Mistress slid up the bed and onto the pillows, presenting her gorgeous feet right in front of me. As I stroked myself closer she pressed her feet into my balls, pulling the skin of my cock tight. Then I tipped over and started to cum, rope after rope of cum spattering her smooth skin, it felt amazing and Mistress gradually took over, using her feet to pump the rest of the cum out.

Then Mistress lifted her feet in turn for me to clean with my tongue. I loved every second of it, there was so much cum, her feet were really covered in it. So fucking hot. I really hope I don’t have to wait another 20 months to do that again..

Another Run of Chastity Cums to a Close

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