Our thirteenth year of full time chastity has finally come to a close and I thought I would share with you a couple of graphs representing our relative orgasm stats. Not much point doing the other graphs this year as you know we’ve just had the one Femdom session and I haven’t cum anywhere except on my own stomach and Mistress’s hands the last two years (hopefully that will change this coming year though…). 


Despite our best efforts (a run of 10 in March) we just failed to get Mistress back into the hundreds, but we came very close and this marks a significant increase over last year’s lowpoint. And when you consider Mistress had 98 orgasms to my 5 (full orgasms) that’s still nearly a 20>1 ratio –  almost double our original target!

As you can see from this second graph, I have enjoyed a total of ten orgasms, 5 ruined and 5 full in the last year. This is the lowest combined total since we started. While I’m happy with 5 full orgasms, I would like a few more ruins (preferably on Mistress’s beautiful feet or pussy)… in fact I would be happy to give up full orgasms for more ruined ones, but I guess I will have to wait and see what Mistress decides. 

Another Year of Full Time Chastity Ends…

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