First of all what is a cum cube?

A cum cube is when you make your male sub cum into an ice cube tray over and over again, until he fills a cube up, or even the whole tray!  That will take a lot of orgasms, and we know we don’t want to give your “little” sub that much pleasure, but it could be done on a release day from chastity where you can milk as many orgasms out of him on one day for your tray as you can, and then be sure to lock him back up.

You will need him locked up for a long time to put these cum cubes into play.

Why should you make cum cubes?

Cum Cubes

Cum Cubes

This is an excellent training method to make and keep males submissive.  They must somewhat already be in a sub space to be able to use them, but if they are there, but not quite at the cum cube stage, then that is the perfect time to take him down the stairs of submission even further.

Some women do not like this idea, but I can tell you only from my perspective, that it gives me great pleasure to see my male sub do things for me that he does not want to do, only because he will do anything I ask to please me.  The power rush I feel when he slurps on a cum cube makes me wet.  Makes me very horny, and usually these types of punishments or games, always ends up with his face between my legs making me squeal with delight.

If you are a woman that has not done this yet, I encourage you to do it to your male sub….

If you are a man, and this repulses you, I suggest you SUCK it up… Literally.. After all, you were the one that wanted all of this sub play anyways, didn’t you?  Did you think it was all about you?  I hope not, because it isn’t.  It is about you doing what your woman tells you to do, no matter how repulsive it is.  Now admit it, you want to eat cum for her don’t you.  That’s what I thought.  Good boy.

Here are some ideas for your cum cubes:

  • Any time you permit him to cum, make him suck on a cube while you are giving him an orgasm… especially delightful for those dommes who like to humiliate their sub.
  • Stick a cum cube up his ass, and butt plug him right after to keep it in his ass.  Let him know what a filthy dirty slut he is.
  • Use them in his drinks
  • Use him in his hot soup meals
  • Put it up your ass, and pop it out into his mouth and tell him to suck on it till its all gone.
  • Use as a punishment when he displeases you.  (make him eat it when he has made you upset)
  • Make him put it in his mouth and play with it on your pussy, moving it around, slurping, and sucking on it
  • Make him put it in his mouth off to the side in his cheek while you face fuck him with your strap on.