Well this week has been a bit up and down. Unfortunately Mistress developed a cold and has been feeling pretty rotten all week. Fortunately she felt a little better on Thursday and so she enjoyed a nice orgasm, just as well as she felt worse again on Friday. Today she seems a lot better though so hopefully it’s making a retreat.

I’ve stuck extremely rigidly to my plan to not eat chocolate/cakes/crisps this week or drink alcohol (not that I drink much anyway, but it’s still calories and it’s easy for me to give up so I might as well do that as well). I realised that biscuits, nougat and peanut brittle don’t fall into any of those categories so I guess if I get really desperate I could exploit that loophole. But really I should stick to the plan – 4 weeks solid of really healthy eating and walking everyday. I’m sure I will feel much better for it (indeed I already do and it’s only been 6 days) and will enjoy Christmas much more than I otherwise would have.

I was going to weigh myself this morning, to see what I had lost, but I decided not to because I know what will happen. If I’d lost nothing I would be pissed off and eat. If I lost 4 or 5lbs I would relax and eat. If I lost 2lbs I would be annoyed that it wasn’t more and eat. So wisely I decided not to, instead I shall weigh at the end of the 4 weeks and hopefully it will be a good chunky number.

Mistress Has a Cold…

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