So Google has taken the Orgasms page down again. I think I’ve worked out what the problem with it is now though. It seems like it’s not some idiot reporting it, I think it’s being picked up by an algorithm because of the repetitive text and it’s flagging it as spam. I don’t quite know why someone can’t look at it and see that it isn’t and maybe ‘mark’ it as not spam, but it seems that is beyond the capabilities of $320 billion tech company. 

So, I removed the text at the bottom of the page and it was fine and then I put it back again and they took it down again. So it seems like that’s where the problem lies. I mean I say that… I’m not going to put money on it or anything. But that seems to be the problem. At this point I’m so fucking sick of them I’m prepared to delete the whole page altogether.


And It’s Gone Again…

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